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  1. So last night I was writing in my journal, which I do everyday, at our PC while I was working on my Chisel res. About 5 minutes into writing Cory (RUPEES/Nccoryg) walked in to check something on one of our monitors when he saw me writing. I'm not secretive about what I write about, but I still don't like when people read it :p I've always been like that, I hate when people read my writing because I constantly think about how much they're criticizing it. Anyway, Cory ended up suggesting I start a thread like this so people can get to know me better, since I kind of stick to a small group of people on the server, and don't normally socialize with anyone else.

    The purpose of this thread is to put my daily entries into it, and whoever wants to drop by and take a look can read them if they want. I'm going to keep it chill, I will still use grammar, but will write exactly what is on my mind.
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  2. -September 8th, 2015-

    I think I did way too much digging yesterday, towards the end of the night I had a huge headache and still had one when I woke up, going to have to slow down, digging that much can't be healthy. I'm redesigning the bottom of the statue, I want to use as much of the dirt block as I can to try and earn a few extra points. I thought about what I would do with the block if I actually won it, and I'm probably just going to lend it to a museum (most likely FDNY if he wants it for his). I doubt I'll get first place, maybe second or third, there are some really talented builders in the contest, and I'm not really known for my building skills :D, I'm also wondering about the click and referral contest for July, Cory helped me out when he could to help me win it, been waiting to see the results.

    I talked to Jessica all day today, it sucks crushing on an older girl, I doubt a 18 year old would ever consider a 16 year old :p oh well, I guess I'll get over the crush eventually, but the feeling I get when we talk is just amazing :oops: I've dated other girls, all exactly my age, but I never got the feeling with them that I do when I talk to Jess.
  3. Wow you actually did this.

    As for Jessica, just ask her out, honestly I can tell she likes you too.
  4. If you're serious about that girl, get a female friend with expertise in interpersonal skills to set you up with her.

    Worked pretty well for me.
  5. I actually like this idea a lot. :rolleyes: I might have to consider making a journal for myself. I enjoy looking back on the things I did in the past and shaking my head, a lot.
  6. -September 9th, 2015-

    Didn't get ANY digging done yesterday (you're welcome defne_b_ded), so I'll probably be making that up this weekend. Planning on digging up to 200,000 blocks of dirt between Friday-Sunday. Also planning some secret things for the upcoming days that I think the community is going to love.

    A retired US Army Colonel came and talked to my class today, she served 26 years in the army, and had some really interesting stories. She told us all about how she had to work 4 jobs to pay her way through college, and back in her time when she dealt with sexism in her career and education. But the part that I think might interest you all, Jess sits right next to me in the class she came to speak in, and when the Colonel got to talking about how her military career affected her family, being away for so long, and missing a lot of birthdays and anniversaries, and then she asked who was thinking about being in a relationship, and Jess kind of slid her hand into mine and I completely froze. I think she noticed because she kind of blushed and pulled her hand away, saying "Sorry". No one noticed us so we went back to listening to the speaker, but the rest of the day I kept catching her out of the corner of my eye looking at me.
  7. This actually happened? "Noice"
  8. Everyone gets what they want
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  9. -September 10th, 2015-

    First, I'd like to thank all of you for your support on the 9/11 thread, it really is important to remember our history and things that changed our country drastically.

    My day has been pretty uneventful, I was informed when I got home that I won't be going to school tomorrow instead will be visiting my uncle's grave. I guess since I have an extended weekend I can start on my 200,000 grind now instead of tomorrow night as planned, so expect some update screenshots. Other than that, I took Cory and 72Volt's advice on getting one of Jess and my mutual friends to try and set us up, nervous wreck at the moment.

    Last night was a hard night, thank you BlinkyBinky, Caden, and Galantisizer for offering your ears to listen to the issues I was dealing with, I really can't express how much I appreciate that.

    Today during class I began thinking about my chisel, and how much work and time would be going into it, and I'll be honest, I almost thought about giving up. But that won't happen, giving up is for people who have been beaten by the challenges they have faced.
  10. This is a cool idea, watching this thread just out of something to read when I get bored...
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  11. I hope it works out for you and Jess. (Can I call her that? :p)
  12. -September 11th, 2015-

    So today was pretty emotional, got up really early to visit my Uncle's grave with my family, not going to get into the details.

    Other than that, I've been working on a new innovative game, World of Empires, which is a turn-based strategy game with four players. The main goal of the game is to take over as much territory on the residence as you can, while eliminating the other players or forging an alliance to rain supreme over your enemies. The map is done, just waiting on the final player we need to begin.

    Working on my chisel tonight, expect update screenshots that show nearly the full body of the statue tomorrow morning! This chisel contest is actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be, once you get past how much work it takes, it starts getting really fun.
  13. Hang in there :(

    This is so much harder if you're directly involved and actually lost someone close to you. Details are not needed, I think we can all pretty well imagine what this day must do to you :/

    I just want to wish you all the best, when all those memories manage to find and maybe haunt you again. But I also hope you'll find the strength so that you won't only focus on the negative but also try to keep the positive things in mind as well.

    So yeah.
  14. -September 12th, 2015-

    World of Empires update- So, a lot has happened today in terms of developing this game. The community seems to show a lot of interest in playing it. Currently, Cory and I are considering converting it from "Turn Based" into "Real Time" which would take a lot of work, but more players would be able to play. BurgerKnight expressed interest in actually helping develop or play the game so that was pretty cool, another mind would be really helpful.

    Erektus GFX update- I am so behind on orders at the moment, hoping to start up working on them again very soon. I've been learning some new stuff and I think my customers will like my newer work a lot more.

    Going away from EMC related stuff, and I meant to update yesterday's entry with this but never got around to it.

    Jess said yes (Rhyming Skills 10/10), but yeah, she said yes after messing with me for about 20 minutes. So, sorry Seffy but I'm taken.

    I have a lot of plans for the future on EMC, between developing my mod for EMC, to WoE, as well as my graphics service.
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  15. Congrats!
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  16. Damn, man. I'm glad you got your girl. I am also so proud of you for having the guts to post this on here.
  17. Congratulations. "Messing with you"?
  18. Acted like she didn't know what I was asking.
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  19. Pshhh gurls be playin...
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