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  1. Nice...
    So EMC gets to claim land but we don't? I'd say this is elitist (EDIT: This is a joke post not being serious)
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  2. Looks like testing to me :p

    EDIT: Needs more cowbell ;)
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  3. This is not am empire. This is just the a zone that is protected where only SS and Admin can build.

    Empires are being coded and will work the same way as a res.
  4. Before anybody else replies, please do not give up any whereabouts of Eternia. It is a secret.
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  5. Yes, it is to be kept to the owners of the book.
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  6. Technically it's a res in the wild but don't give out the server or how to get there (even though I already know)
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  7. Yeah that's why I made sure to not put the coordinates :)

    And yeah I know it's not a empire this was just a little joke :p
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  8. Someday I hope to get my hands on one of those books. :confused:
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  9. How much are they going for/Who's selling/How many are out there?
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  10. Shhhh! it's a secret!
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  11. i've heard tales of this place
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  12. The books go for about 1.4 mill now.
  13. There were 32 originally given out.
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  14. No reason to be so dramatic about it. The setup of the protected areas of eternia is not how land claiming will work, at all.
    If it is any encouragement, I was sitting in a classroom the other day sketching out the infrastructure I would need to make land-claiming happen.

    FYI to those interested the big challenge is creating a system that 1. takes care of itself and 2. integrates into our existing code structure. There is a plan for both of these - just takes a bit of design work to get it right. One thing about programming is that it is generally highly inconvenient to adjust core code after it has been deployed; then in addition to fixing bugs/problems - you have to factor in some type of legacy converter idea (should be avoided).
    Promise it will be awesome! ideally within the next couple months but things don't just happen overnight. ;)
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  15. 1.4 mill? Are you serious?

    I could have 875,000 more stone slabs just from a useless book? (Based off of Todd_Vinton's pricing)
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  16. Well 32 were handed out, some where lost and others in collectors so it makes it less.

    The book is a story called Tales of Eternia. And is a very old book. It is not just any old book. Good luck even finding one for sale.
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  17. I think I have seen how to get here half a dozen or more times on the forums. If you REALLY want to find it just go data mining on the forums :p Go out and see it just to say you been there but there isn't really much to do. I hope no one was saving that enraged skelly, i got tokens lol.
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  18. So sorry! I didn't mean to be dramatic about it I was just making a joke :p if you want you can delete this post if you think it would cause some controversy
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  19. Nah, all is well. Imo
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  20. I'm not even interested in visiting the place, books are just kinda my thing. :confused:
    This is one of those very few "rare collectors things" I actually want and value.
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