[ESTABLISHED] The Isles of Riverwood

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  1. locked chest on smp1

    Name: Snappes27 and MaglorYavetil
    Thank You :)
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  2. I like the name of the outpost. It's like medieval Irish and I'm digging it.
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  3. thx :p :)
  4. :p Hi claim still not established thx
  5. Greetings! To corresponding staff members:

    Is there a reason for this claim not being stablished yet?

    please contact Snappes27 or me if you have problems finding the outpost

    Thank you! :)
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  6. Might help if this thread was in the right place. https://empireminecraft.com/forums/establishment-requests-pending.85/
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  7. ohh haha xD thanks MajorHaze
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  8. Hi there if you send me the coords to your locked chest I'll take a look for you :)
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  9. Congrats you're established :) have fun
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  10. Today, november 29th of 2016, by Carolmoss' grace, we, the People of Riverwood, commemorate the establishment of The Riverwood Islands. A day to be remembered! may harmony and progress prevail among our community.
    Vis Et Honor!

    The Senate and People of Riverwood
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  11. Congratulations with your establishment and yeah: a very nicely chosen name. I hope you're going to share future updates of the things you've done and build there!
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  12. Thank you ShelLuser! :) We certainly will do!