[Established] [smp7] Kingdom of Hyrule

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  1. Outpost Name: Kingdom of Hyrule.
    Outpost Leader: Lauwenmark.
    Server Location: smp7.

    Locked Chest near the entrance of the main building.
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  2. Established for you, would you rather it be locked or left open?
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  3. Leave it open, please. I'll use it for future announces related to the outpost. Thanks !
  4. As of now, JesusPower2 is the new leader of Hyrule.
    epic0258 is active member of Hyrule.
    And I just get demoted to "the One Who Founded It All".
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  5. As of now, I'm back as Uberkommander Supremo(tm) (aka leader) of the Kingdom of Hyrule outpost.

    JesusPower2 was a competent ruler. Under is enlightened guidance, the number of fairies in the kingdom almost doubled, and the triforce stood safe and strong. The only reason why he is no more leader is because of an ancient prophecy that got fullfilled.

    JesusPower2 is now promoted to the glorious rank of Holy Aegis of the Kingdom(tm), and is elected by public acclamation Consul(tm) for the 2016-2017 era.

    The hylian government voted for the building of a monument celebrating his tenure. It has been added to the TODO list as item #241.

    All other outpost members are confirmed in their current grades.
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  6. All hail the Uberkommander Supremo! Hyrule rejoices at your return.

    Thank you for your kind words. Please don't mind the crumbs I've left on your throne.

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  7. This brings back a lot of memories :) And before you wonder: "you weren't even there when this got founded?", correct! I'm thinking about a whole different Hyrule ;) But I'm really happily surprised to see this name showing up on the Empire as well :)
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  8. Just asking.. Am I still Slave? :)
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  9. Slavery has long been banned from the Kingdomship of Hyrule. According to my lists, you are a Registered Happy Digging Team Labourer(tm) and own the title of Make of the Northern Canal(tm).
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  10. Thank you for the tour of hyrule Uberkommander Supremo! I had a blast and loved what I saw. Hyrule is without question one of the most unique outposts on EMC if not one of the most gorgeous as well. Perhaps, one day in the near future, we can collaborate to erect an(modern) elevator for use in your lands.
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  11. The Hylian High Council would like to remind everybody that steling in chests is not allowed.
  12. So Be Said(tm), the High Council of the Rulership of Hyrule is announcing that the Viking Town and its chief, KjottMasseur, are officially part of Hyrule. May the Goddess Hylia bless him and his minions!
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  13. So Be Said(tm), the High Council of the Rulership of Hyrule is announcing that Progryck, Guardian of the Holy Cellar, is now member of Hyrule. May tje Goddess Hylia bless him and his minions!
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