[Established] Rainbow Butte

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  1. Started a new outpost in the wild today, I wanted to get it Established officially....

    Owner: britbrit3197
    Server: smp6
    Name: Rainbow Butte
    persons: 5 (at the moment)

    I put a locked chest in center of the outpost.

    (and before anyone asks or goes bananas on me, Butte is another word for Mesa or hill and its not pronounced what your thinking....)
  2. I understood it but I still thought about it the other way. xD
  3. I know, I feel like I'm an immature kid cause I keep giggling at it
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  4. I look like an idiot when I try to hide the laugh.
  5. You guys just jealous you didnt come up with a totally awesome name like that
  6. Oh no... I sense a new alt coming out... RainbowButte Now lets stop getting off topic.
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  7. My computer screen is cracked so I read it Rainbow Butte and thought it was a typo. Thought it was in miscellaneous. I know butte is a real word since I hike in the butte's in my area every other day. I am so jealous of your swaggin name.
  8. Teeheee our logo or something 2014-02-13_03.18.31.png
  9. Ha you said butte still puts a imagine in my head a rainbow butt. Alright Internet make it happen.
  10. Googling rainbow butte:

    Googling Rainbow Butt......I would not recommend. It was weird. I did find this though:
  11. *hihihi*
  12. Rainbow Butte at sunrise.

    Do keep in mind that the property is still being developed. :cool:
  13. Hahaha awesome. And I like the "brit got lazy with the colors" ;)
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  14. Our base just became more awesome. There is an abandoned mineshaft under it. And a few ravines.
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  15. And "Coming soon to the Butte, Ice Cream Ocean Slip~n~Slide!"
    While not complete yet, it is still fully functional, Going on an adventure through the ocean? Why not use this wonderful slide to make it down the Butte faster! How many of you can say you slid down an Ice cream slide..... none of you can cept for the Butte Brigade that is!

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  16. *makes notes*
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  17. Rainbowchin,
  18. Butte brigade... hehe... AHAHAHAHAHAHHAA!
    Sorry brit again... hehe
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