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  1. As I found out the hard way, one has to travel a great distance from spawn in order to get into territory where an outpost can be made. Alas, I have to travel nearly 10,000 blocks to get back to spawn. I did not see it referenced in the "already mentioned" thread, so would it be possible to get a /spawn command added once an outpost is established? I even drop down to difficulty one and it is a nightmare trying to make the run. Yes, in a year or two I could make a railway there......but, yeah.

    I understand if this is not going to happen, but you never know until you ask. For all I know there is a command already and I just haven't found it.
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  2. When Empires are released, there will be a way to get from Town to Outpost and vice versa I believe.
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  3. We already have Spawn Outposts 5000 blocks away from the Main Spawn. If your outpost is 10k out, you should only have to travel about 5k to get to it in the overworld. You may be taking the long way.

    If you were to make a Nether Portal and travel through the Nether, your travel distance is reduced by a factor of 8. 5000 blocks becomes 625, and 10000 becomes 1250. When I've done this, I've made a safe tunnel with a non-obvious Portal on the spawn side.
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  4. It's currently only possible to warp between safe zones, so even if an outpost was established, it wouldn't be possible to warp to spawn.
  5. It is very possible to tp to ur base and back... I'll just keep my secrets with me and staff though...
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  6. If a staff member is allowing you to teleport without a good reason to, he/she is abusing powers.
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  7. I know of a way to do it, he is just stating that him and staff know. Many players don't. No staff is abusing their powers.
  8. teleporting from the town to claimed land in the wilderness will become possible... :) all we have to do is wait for the dragon tombs thing to update
  9. That would make one of my outposts very intressting. except im now in wild and cannot get back to spawn :O i tried , but also in nether its to far away. and that outpost i started before knowledge of how nether works. now im pretty good in it. Still no nether line would be nice for that outpost.
  10. Mods can't even teleport other players. It's literally impossible to abuse the power. My guess is he's thinking of the outdated "get on top of the nether" method to teleport back to wild spawn, but that's patched now.
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  11. I cant see that much of a pain, i am several others have bases over 100k out, and i have no issues getting out there and back / transporting items. There are several ways to work around it.
  12. I had walked 10K at the time of the post, I still have about 5K to go. The nether idea is a good one, I will use it.