[Established] MooShroom Isle

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  1. MooShroom Isle
    Ahh.. Yes the Mooshroom Islands, such majestic biomes. Legends say that no hostile mobs inhabit it. But there are said to be cows that are red and grow mushrooms on their backs.

    How did such a island come to be? The world might never know.

    How did we come across this island you may ask, a brave soul journeyed for days and days without rest to find a great piece of land to claim for the king of ducks so that he could overthrow aika- I mean he wanted to find a piece of land for a Pokémon called Chespin. Thus Dektirot stumbled upon MooShroom Isle!


    Courtesy of DiceTheGambitCat

    Make Iron farm

    Ocean Monument(s) x3
    Mob Grinders x7

    Slime Farm
    Mob Grinders 2 of 9
    Revamped Skeleton Grinder
    Gold Farm
    Claiming MooShroom Isle
    Claiming MooShroom Isle Resort
    Rail Road
    Nether Portal Room
    Docks for Residential Island
    Bridge Connecting the 2 Main Islands
    The Mine
    TownHall (With Storage)
    Tree Farm
    Skeleton Grinder
    Blaze Grinder
    Cave Spider Grinder
    Nether portal/Rails to guardian farm
    Nether portal/ tunnel to slime farm

    - All EMC rules do apply
    - MooShroom Isle Storage is not for personal storage
    - Be Kind to all members
    - Don't share the outpost locations with anyone!
    - Be an active member of the MooShroom Isle Community

    - Don't build anything without permission from Leader or Co-Leaders
    - Try your best to participate in MooShroom Isle events and fundraisers
    - Have Fun!

    - Please Replant so others don't have to fix your mess when they want to use it

    - Please do not make your house to big unless specific permission from Leader/Co-Leader
    - All houses are required to have a mailbox
    - Don't Make houses in the ground ( with exception of a small basement)

    - Only mine in the set area
    - Don't not make another entrance or exit to mine, use the one provided
    - when mining use the "strip mining" format
    - Don't make a mess of the mine, this is the designated mine for the outpost

    No killing mascot unless they're in the barn!

    As of Nov. 27th 2016
    Banned members are not allowed, nor are any accounts made to evade bans. If caught applying
    With one of these said accounts your application will not be accepted.
    Updated Nov. 13th 2017 banned players who appeal successfully will be considered when applying!

    Here is what you need for the application

    -How old are you? (on emc /p)
    - why do you want to join the outpost?
    - how will you contribute to the outpost? (What job would you prefer?)
    - what do You think is the most important rule or guideline of those mentioned above?
    - have you ever been banned?
    - do you agree to the rules, and guidelines?

    Sign up here ---> https://form.jotform.us/70956726184163

    If you do not put decent effort into your application, we will not put decent effort in reading.

    Ender Dragon - Owner

    Wither - Co-Owner

    Elder Guardian - Counsel - Helps Pass laws (more importance tba)

    Guardian - Enforcer - makes sure everyone is following expectations and keeping outpost tidy.
    Also Helps out new members

    Iron Golem - Builder - Build community structures for outpost

    Parrot - Designers, Decor part of building

    Chicken - Farmer - Farms Crops for outpost's needs

    Pig - Breeder - Breeds animals to provide a source of food for outpost

    Rabbit - Miner - Mine Stone, cobble, ores, gems, etc for outpost

    Villager - Merchant - Sells necessitys and goods within the outpost. Must have a permit to sell.

    Polar Bear - Brewer - Brews potions needed for outpost.

    MooShroom Cows - Newbies/Unassigned - New, or no assigned job currently

    Pigmen - XP Grinders, also collect matireals from XP Grinders

    Wolf - Wolfs are responsible for showing new members of the outpost to the location and giving tours around the Isle, they also are responsible to help any player who may have forgotten he way to the Isle get there. As a Wolf you must be committed.

    Ocelot - MooShroom Isle's very own Stream Team! Upload quality content from the outpost itself

    Silverfish - Redstone Engineers

    Ender Dragon - Chespinlover77
    Wither - SkeleTin007
    Wither/Lead Iron Golem - ThatSillyJohnKid
    Wither - BlueJay007
    Wither - PikminLegion
    Wither - JossyTheNinja
    Elder Guardian/Iron Golem - Crazy_TJ Inactive
    Elder Guardian - Ww2fan168 Inactive
    Elder Guardian - Lady_Eliza
    Guardian - DiceyInAction
    Guardian / Chicken - Autographers
    Iron Golem - Picklez27
    Iron Golem - BearJedi Inactive
    Iron Golem - Memoriam
    Iron Golem - TakenID
    Iron Golem/Lead Ocelot - InfernalDevice
    Pig - Dunderscore
    Pig / Rabbit - IArmoni
    Lead Pigmen - WildHorse1989 Inactive
    Pigmen - Bixlow_
    Pigmen - EquableHook
    Wolf - Can4dian_Bacon
    Chicken - ElmofiedBoby Inactive
    Polar Bear - SpeedFan05
    Polar Bear - Damjan_
    Rabbit - Shyguythebanana
    Lead Parrot - Smooshed_Potato
    Silverfish - Sadie_Dog

    MooShroom Cow - TheUnknownLabel
    MooShroom Cow - SowlSurgeon

    Retired Members :
    Iron Golem - AnimalGirl120
    Iron Golem/Polar Bear - Cakecrafter22/Navi_TheFairy

    If you're accepted into the outpost then you will receive a pm on the forums Including the Leader, and Co-Owners with additional rules and terms.

    Big Thanks to The_Iron_Foxy for the animal role idea! Check out his outpost!

    Banner made by EnderMagic1

    For those on mobile devices some spoilers won't work unless you hold your device horizontal
  2. The mooshroom island is all yours, assume an area of 1500 blocks around the chest as yours. You are far enough out that no one will probably interfere but in future, you may wish to do a 2nd outpost the other side of the snow biome and 3k away.
  3. Sweet. Thanks Baradar
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  4. Lucky! From my experience, no hostile mobs spawn on a mushroom island if it is even dark.
  5. I've not created the application yet but I'll let ya know when I have it
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  6. Nice land grab:)

    It'd be cool if you made like a castle themed outpost. Of course it will be directly visible, but you could keep the outpost's storage/mob farms hidden away behind some kind of vault with a hidden mechanism or hide it deep inside some mines.
  7. Time to submit an application :D
  8. Bump
    After a few days of work
    Lots of rails
    And slabs
    Me and ThatSillyJohnKid have finally finished the quick and easy way of transportation!
    BIG thanks to John for all the help!

    Next up on our priority list is:
    The TownHall With Storage.

    Recruitment is currently closed until all the big projects are done
  9. December 18 - June 5 = few days of work...
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  10. We just started the rail a Few days ago therefore yes it was only a few days
  11. Bump

    Staff , Please read
    I would like to claim another area for my outpost....
    I believe all I need is to have a locked chest in that area?
    The names on the locked chest are:

    Thanks again
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  12. It's lucky I'm still set to get notifications on this thread. You will need to make a separate claim under a new thread in the Establishment Requests Pending subforum. Each claim must have its own.
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  13. oooooo thanks baradar <3
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  14. Bump
    After being away for the weekend I'm back and ready to go. The tree farm should be finished this week if no plans or emergencys pop up :)
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  15. We're nearly there, setting up one more level (Dark Oak) then putting finished touches on the décor! :D
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  16. Can u change jobs
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  17. ???
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  18. Like if i join and decide i dont like the job can i change
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