[Established] Jinsue Empire

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  1. We have plans to establish a nation on our current small continent on SMP1. We are the first people to land here, and we have explored a great deal of the land ourselves. We come from another server where we have established a nation against all odds, and now we wish to live here.

    The name of our nation is the "Jinsue Empire". It will consist of several towns with shared infrastructure, which we already have underway [including the first smartrail cargo train system in minecraft]. We already have 2 settlements, with a connecting railway (which is being upgraded). We plan to build more. The name of our capitol city will be "Jinsue City".

    Our primary leader is CheckDFX. His Shoguns (representatives) are Lynia_Wane, SuiikiRyuu, and RainbowSushi1980.

    We will establish our Federal Law from our previous server as the rules for Jinsue as a whole. One of the rules state "all server rules apply", so that means all EMC server rules will apply in this case. This nation will be in an Ancient East-Asian style for the exterior of all buildings and for other structures.

    I have placed a locked chest to mark the center of our territory. Will this suffice to claim our little continent? Is there anything else we need to do?
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  2. We have an out post set on SMP1. Name is Jinsue Empire. What do we do next?
  3. You can find the official howto here, but I have to agree that while it does list the requirements and benefits it also leaves out important details. Hmm, maybe I can work on that.

    Anyway, now that you have placed a chest and made your thread you'll have to wait for staff to contact you. If it takes too long (2 - 3 weeks) then I'd suggest simply PM'ing a staff member and ask them about it. After they checked out your location to ensure that no one else has established themselves around the area then they will officially mark your outpost as established. The thread will be moved and you can chose if you want to keep it open (maybe for sharing future updates) or if you want to have it locked.

    Staff will contact you to ask you about the location, and they will most likely also announce that in this thread as well.

    So right now you did your thing, the next part is waiting for staff to verify and either approve or deny your claim.

    Hope this helps.
  4. It has been 3 weeks since I last received a response from staff. Is there any status update regarding this claim request?
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  5. Well the title does say [ Established ] so I presume it was Established...
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  6. Oh! Okay. I did not notice that. Sorry, I am new to claims.
    Thanks AncientTower! :)
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  7. Oh... where do I go next in terms of establishing rules and whatever else needs to be done for my establishment?
  8. You can use this thread or start a new thread with the same title and that thread can be where you post everything you want about your outpost from rules to projects to pictures showcasing it off.
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  9. There's no need to be sorry. Normal procedure is to inform the player about the eventual decision instead of leaving them in the dark, so I think something went a little wrong with your application.

    Tower already mentioned as much, most players (that I know off) just use their established thread.


    And may I be the first to congratulate you on your establishment? I hope you're going to have a great time here. Don't forget to use /buildmode whenever you're building something which should be protected (see also the anti-grief update).
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  10. Yep, I normally post here once I establish it. Apologies for not saying anything.
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  11. Thanks all!
  12. Where do most players post their nation/empire/outpost rules once they are established? What is the most common forum section for that?
  13. Most will either create a new thread in the wilderness forum or just as likely use this thread. It's up to you!