[Established] gondor

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  1. its a place faraway from greif all are welcome if the rules are kept. also idk how to what im suposed to say in this so here it is
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  2. Well... A few things... (and this reminds me once more that I should REALLY do "my thing" this week).

    I assume you're trying to officially establish your outpost? Because then you're in the wrong place.

    First of all: make sure you know the rules. You need to be 5,000 blocks out from any official EMC outpost and a good 3,000 blocks away from any other established outpost and/or visual building. If you're sure you met those requirements place a chest and lock it (also be sure not to move that chest around, so pick a good place for it).

    Then, and only after that, post a thread. Follow this link and post a new thread in there. Suggestion is to add [claim] to the title. So in your case: "[claim] gondor".

    You don't really have to provide much details because staff can check your rupee history and find the location where you locked the chest. Still: it does help to mention on which server the outpost is supposed to be located.

    After that... wait and see what happens next.

    If you got any more questions: my inbox is open, or just ask here.

    Good luck!
  3. establishing an out post and i believe that it is not breaking any rules it will be for all to visit if the rules of being there are kept. the place is on smp5 the owner will be timmykiller711 and the place is gondor
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  4. processing
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  5. My name is Slip55, and I approve his message for establishing Gondor -- as somebody who has seen it, it meets the requirements.
  6. One does and one has.


    Timmy, let me know if you want all the extra posts deleted.
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  7. Congratulations on your establishment!

    I hope you're going to have a lot of fun in the Frontier!
  8. Woot Woot... Congrats! I love living out in the /wild. Heck I'm living out in the End on /smp1.
  9. lol just read all these im dead lol and thanks guys
  10. Its been awhile since I have visited. Message me the coordinates sometime.
  11. Don't be surprised if a couple of sweet looking houses pop up inside the outer wall..... :D

    - Andy