[Established] Gittano's Outpost

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  1. I followed all the rules and would like to get my outpost verified
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  2. Its located on the smp9, Leaders are benthebobjr and I
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  3. The rules for this outpost are:
    1. No TNT/explosives
    2. Absolutely no looking in other people's chests
    3. No griefing
    4. This outpost is private; others have to keep it a secret
    5. When someone says stop, that means stop
    6. When you get 3 warnings, you are banned from the outpost
    7. All EMC rules must be followed in this outpost
    8. Respect the leaders
    9. You must pay for a plot, not just claim one
    10. If a chest says something like "Free to take" "Free Food" "Free.." etc. then you may take whatever you wish
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  4. The name for this outpost shall be TULG, short for The United Lands of Gittania
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  5. Sounds good :3
  6. Can we put locked chest in it?
  7. No. Only if the leaders say it is ok.
  8. That's not going to work for me LOLOLOLOLOL
  9. Well you're banned anyway so.. :/
  10. U can't ban me from going there lol I can just use my alt XD
  11. I actually can ban you. I'm the leader.
  12. Ok but I have an alt MAHAHAHAHAHAH
  13. She can ban your alt from being at the outpost.
  14. She doesn't know the name
  15. Yes I do
  16. It's not that hard to figure out.
  17. It's not my IP though it's someone else's
    And I dare u to find it haha
  18. Yeah.. You can tell by the grammar
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  19. Fine. MCSlayer1234