[Established] FLIGHT666 - IRON MAIDEN

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  1. Salut!

    J'aimerais demande une revendication sur SMP6.
    Le propriétaire est KillerBobDole. Je peut fournir les coordonnées si vous avoir besoin
    Merci beaucoup!
    I'm totally kidding about the french lmao Have to practice it from time to time or I lose it.

    For reals now,
    I'd love to claim a piece of land that's well away from any other source of civilisation.

    -I've added a locked chest out of sight dead center of the area.
    -I would like to establish the leader of this property as myself, KillerBobDole and will provide coordinates if needed.
    -I am on SMP6.

    Hope to hear from you soon, thankyou!
    ~KillerBobDole :D
  2. lol, I would have loved to see how the moderators responded to the french.
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  3. Making a "demande" is unlikely to go well.

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  4. I'm just being curious here: did you pick the Outpost name because you actually plan on doing something with a Maiden / metal theme or did you simply pick something you thought would look / sound cool? :)

  5. Hahahah You caught on. Nice.
    Yes, I do plan on making (with the assistance of my rl friends) a few special features relating to the name. We're all metal fans and once major construction projects are made, a theme will be presented :p also plan to make a giant plane. That's on fire. And some awesome awesomeness.

    Stay tuned lmao
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  6. Approved, let me know if you want this thread locked.
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  7. I am an old metal fan and do hope you build a large Eddie as well. If so would love to see it sometime.
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