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  1. Avast thar mateys...

    we be postin' a claim on SMP8 named Davy Jones' BLOCKer

    by alphawiz1 and SeniorPapino
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  2. Ok your established!;) have fun :)
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  3. Pleas tell me that your outpost has an ocean monument, cause Mr. Jones would like that.
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  4. Thanks again!
  5. Yes, we scallywags be meaning to send many a guardian into the depths of Davy Jones' Locker, but in a Block sort of way :)
  6. We don't have a banner
  7. u should :D
  8. Perhaps someday
  9. Are you guys underwater or something? (The name?) could I join if I wanted to? I like the name
  10. As stated previously, there's a water monument involved.

    As far as joining, we are not seeking other members at this time. In the future this will likely change. For now though, there is still much to be done.
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