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  1. Hello everyone! Today I just have a tiny request for you guys. If your outpost has its own special banner, could you post the outpost and instructions on how to make the banner? It's for an outpost banner showcase. Thanks so much!
  2. yes thanks and plz mention if u are Federation members or plan to be when it is founded. ty
  3. I have a screenshot of my planned outpost's banner. will post later
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  4. thanks. :D just curious but arnt u Carthaga?
  5. If you can somehow get me a grey banner to use I will copy my print onto it for you from my own original.
  6. What smp r u on? and r u in town?
  7. Though I can't keep someone from copying, I don't like to encourage distribution of Regen banners outside of members and their homes. Just a personal thing.
  8. um ok...should I give the ones I have back?...but I want tell u who gave them to me.
  9. Our outpost (Middle Earth on smp5) is having a poll to change its official banner. As soon as voting is over I'll post the winner here :)
  10. thanks for the help :D btw love the name of the outpost :)
  11. im part of carthaga, but i have a planned outpost on smp9.
  12. cool I may join if u let me :)
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  13. still looking for banners gimme ur banners plz :D
  14. I'm currently working on making a banner for my outpost. I'll post it when it's finished.
  15. thanks! :)