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  1. Hello all members of EMC! We have started this business called ERT and we would like to share some information about each member!

    Link ----> ERT Page <---- Link

    Member: flamingpotato42
    Rank: Leader/Supervisor
    Name: Michael
    Age: Unspecific
    Lives: Murica
    Hobbies: Sports, gaming, reading, other stuff
    What happens if someone steal my cookies? They die.
    Do you have swag? Of course
    Gucci? Yussssss

    Member: JMB6362
    Rank: Co-Leader/Developer/Team Teacher
    Name: Joshua
    Age: 14 1/2
    Hobbies: Computer programming, Minecraft ( :eek: Shocker)
    Eat Pie :3

    Member: victoriangirl001
    Rank: ERT Elder/Worker Bee
    Information: Unspecific (Yet)

    Member: generalfelino015
    Rank: Application Reviewer/ERT Elder
    Name: Felino
    Age: 15
    Lives: South America
    Hobbys: Training for being a professional shooter. Play Basket Ball. Shoot guns. Play video games. Read books.
    Why you like minecraft? Is like Lego, and I spend many time of my childhood playing with Legos.
    Likes: Metal bands, shooting, books, video games, run in marathons :D.
    Don't like: bully, people that hate other religions, grifers.
    What instrument you play? Drums
    What happens if some one try's to find you and kidnap you? I will first get him to my home, where I will make him suffer, then I will get him in a gas room, where he will die and will never seen agin :D.

    Member: jknrlz
    Rank: Member
    Name: Josh
    Location: Down Under (Australia)
    Hobbies: Web development, Photoshop-ing images, playing games, building computers, taking apart and modify other electrical gadgets, technology!
    Why did I apply for ERT? Social experiment, seemed interesting, enjoy working with others.
    Other information: Can be found here.

    Member: FakeIdea
    Rank: Member
    Fake Name: FakeIdea
    Age: 50
    Hobbies: Minecraft, photography, programming
    Hates: Griefers
    Why EMC or ERT? I like watching the "society" that is built with EMC and Minecraft. I want to see people get along with each other and be part of a community. This will help us in the real world.

    Member: darthin
    Rank: Member
    Information: Unspecific (Yet)

    Member: LuckyPat
    Rank: Member
    Information: Unspecific (Yet)

    Member: Kanstory
    Rank: Member
    Name: Kan
    Age: 14 1/2
    Lives: USA
    Hobbies: Drawing and playing video games
    Personality: Down-to-earth, modest, analytical, and intelligent

    All the information is approved and provided by the members with a double check and is not Hidden once so ever.
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  2. Hehehehehehe, i love my life :D.
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  3. Lol, now we are all satanic members :D. All the names are in color red.
  4. Oh well thats me :D
  5. omgzz I didnt know JMB is the same age as me, lol
  6. At this moment, i am the second oldest ERT member :D.
  7. Ahh, yes.. lol :p
  8. Yay lets all give away our information to random strangers somewhere on the Web. Yipee lol
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  9. Random strangers?? D:
  10. Not you *Pets 607*
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  11. lol It's not like it is "Information where we live" It's the basic information, people ask me my age and name all the time. It's not like they know where I live :p
  12. Lol, try to find me, and try to live your life knowing that you committed a terrible error in your life :D.
  13. Lol, haven't been a BUMP in a while "Bump" :p
  14. JMB you need to change my age plz :D. I am 16 now :D.