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  1. Welcome to the official Empire Repair Team thread! Some of you may have heard of this and even applied for it. Well we decided to make it public! So what we do is repair things in the wild and make it a better place for all the empirians to live in. We have already fixed up many wild things such as the utopia iron farm. So we are accepting applications to join and help out, we are pretty strict as to who can join because we don't want tons of people easily getting in. To apply start a conversation with me, generalfelino015 and JMB6362 and fill out the form below and we will either accept you or decline you. Please read this whole post before applying as it will bebefit you greatly :)/ Please DO NOT take it personally if we decline you, you may just not be fit for the job.

    ERT is a program that repairs,

    Greifed Work in the Wild
    We Help others
    Repair the Wild
    Make the Wild a better place


    What skills you have:
    What redstone work can you do?
    Are you loyal?
    Have you been banned before?
    Tell us a little about yourself:

    Owner: flamingpotato42
    Co-Owner: JMB6362
    Application Reviewer: generalfelino015

    Non-Staff Members:
  2. Reserved for later :)
  3. Bump :) we are creating a skype group for all members
  4. A little bump for advertisement :p
  5. Meh.. I was going to apply, but your application process really seems ridiculously complicated and elitist. :) Why?

    I'll have to just do my own thing i guess.
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  6. Wait do you Have to know how to use redstone? I would want to apply, but i really am terrible at redstone.
  7. Nope :)
  8. I have simplified the app for easier applying :)
  9. Alright thanks
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  10. Well it has been Resolved NZScruffy, hope you apply soon :)
  11. Maybe.. I'll do my own thing for a while. :) not sure your organisation will work for me. lol
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  12. Bump! :) still accepting applications!
  13. Remove the formatting (color) on the original spoiler tag so you won't have a triple spoiler. ;)
  14. I am not applying.

    I am suggesting you jump on SMP5 and repair the main outpost wild. Here's a quick list of suggested repairs:
    - Remove tree tops, pillars and random blocks.
    - repair east-west road, possibly improve it without removing what's already built.
    - finish unfinished builds (like iron farm, mob grinder, and various huts)
    - replant some forest, or better still, build an easy tree farm in key location so people don't have to grief the wild.

    Then maybe see what you can do with Southern outpost.
    - the land is all torn up by random digging and creepers.
    - remove lava/water cobble mountains on random hills.
    - upgrade the cobble roads/paths already built.
    - Repair unused builds, replace doors, and light sources.
    - Fully remove heavily griefed small huts that are no longer in use.
    - And again, possibly build easy to use/find tree farms.

    OK, there's a quick list. :)

    I'm beginning to know SMP5 wilds fairly well. Having searched all around close to outposts for suitable public farm spots. I know many of the hidden bases/farms and am keeping an eye on abandoned areas. If people do not return to them and they continue to be griefed, I might do something with them (rebuild, or remove/improve).

    Any questions about SMP5 wild within 2-3k blocks of outposts, let me know?
  15. Well to begin we had a greifer in out outpost lost a SC of iron and then I had 2 unbreak 3 eff 5 diamond picks and snf eff 4 unbreak 3 diamond spade could you guys help out and get some of this back ?
  16. What server was this on Ted? Maybe I could come out and help you. (Sorry in advance if I'm stealing business, but he's a good friend if mine. :)
  17. PIGGEH to the rescue once again :p on SMP4 in an outpost im in ill tell u where the nether rail is if u get on
  18. Anything for a friend! I won't be able to get online until tomorrow morning. Just send me the coords and stuff in a pm and I'll bring some goodies. :)
  19. Let pig help you :) we do not fix griefing items...only repair griefed areas :)
  20. :D just gotta figure out nnether rail cords and be sure to bring ur own minecart :p
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