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  1. Haha wow same here...
    Thats trippy...
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  2. might have been deleted?
  3. Thread got deleted off the face of the earth
  4. If a thread does not exist,
    the error is "The requested thread could not be found,"
    not "you do not have permission" ...
  5. I think if there is no bids they can request it to be closed it they change their mind. Or also if it is invalid for some reason re-the rules.. But a bit more info would have helped like "invalid auction has now been removed"
  6. I don't believe that an invalid auction would be deleted, just locked...

    Something happened on that thread. Something the government doesn't want us to see.
  7. It must be the US government. Because the ASIS would never do such a thing. If their head's last name is Warner. :p
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  8. It was removed from public view. The player was banned.
  9. What on earth are you talking about?
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  10. People, Dont be down.....I'm putting up 5 Looting 3 Book auction later today or tomorrow!!
  11. Nineteen Eighty-Four.
    The association is disappearing of (previously) publicly available information.
    I guess it makes most people feel uneasy.
  12. Haha, I think you watch to many conspiracy tv shows/movies.

    The player holding the auction was banned. I removed the thread as it was no longer possible to win (as the player holding it, was banned.)

    It didn't hold EMC's secret plans for world destruction. :p
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  13. Not yet anyways... :p
  14. That's actually in another secret thread we're not showing to the public. ;)
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  15. That's actually on my secret thread I'm showing to the public... To take down the non-showing to the public (Lol. I confused myself here.)
  16. Off topic....But seriously, look for my auction coming up
  17. Found it.

    Even The President of the USA thinks so...

  18. That one is old. There's a new one.