epic level automated drop party room in progress

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  1. I plan on making a fully automated drop party room on smp6, im about half way done and here is what i have so far:

    i will post updates as i progress

    i still have to fill all those randomizer machines with the different matrices im working out then i have to build the floor system which i havent even thought up yet (its gonna be really cool when its done in single player tho :p ) then i gotta run 6 more randomizer machines for the center consol all the way back to the control room where you currently only see those two switches.

    my problem is i have a decent computer i need to know how this thing runs on a bad one so my proposal is as follows:

    I am planning a huge celebratory drop party where i want to fill up smp6 and test this monster out!!! the etch-a-sketchier the better!!!!

    i need some volunteers/advisors/donators though for when that time comes
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  2. This looks awesome so far! can't wait for the test! ;)
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  3. If I can make up some money or supplies by the time that you need them, I will gladly donate for this project. :)
  4. What sort of stuff do you need donated? And I am more than happy to volunteer with anything.
  5. not entirely sure yet ever im going to bring some people in on this and make it intense tho hopefully bigger then deaths
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  6. if anyone has any cool ideas im open to suggestions its 12002 and move and pearl are both on for everyone :) feel free to take a look around
  7. I'm at work right now, but when I get home I'll check it out. Do you need any donations?
  8. at this time im not taking donations only because im not sure of the extent of content. advice is more then welcome tho :)
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  9. some minor modifications while i work out some things:

    added part of the center console tho need to redstone it through the bottom though. also made higher walls and cleaned up some astray blocks
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  10. Looks good, i wish i could use redstone in such a well versed manner.

    I have a very crappy computer and not the best connection, if you need to test it, im more than happy to poke my head along, just drop me a message and im there.
  11. I'll try making a singleplayer creative design first
  12. Looks awesome and if its gonna be better than Death's. wow, dis gonna be a monster...
  13. I designed a system for a small chamber...

    2013-09-20_19.17.42.png 2013-09-20_19.17.49.png 2013-09-20_19.17.52.png 2013-09-20_19.17.56.png 2013-09-20_19.18.04.png
  14. cleaned up some stuff, apocryphan helped me with some clocks and started adding a roof.

    also added a donation room at 12248

    2013-09-25_10.00.15.png 2013-09-25_10.00.37.png 2013-09-25_10.00.48.png 2013-09-25_10.00.59.png 2013-09-25_10.01.08.png
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  15. It's is the items that count ;).
  16. well yeah, but alot of the problems with drop party rooms is there is no separation between the droppers. so the person with the best connection can just run from one to another and grab everything. in my room this isnt possible due to the spacial separation as well as the timing modules. its possible for someone afking to get just as much as a person frantically jumping from dropper to dropper.

    additionally mine will be set up where anyone can use it at any time all they have to do is drop the stuff in whatever dropper they want and hit a switch.
  17. Texturepack?
  18. faithful
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  19. If you need them,I can fit some Superfast toggle able clocks.
  20. thank you for the offer, i have everything running on clocks already :)