[Entity Limits] Try to break it!

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  1. Hey everyone, I think I finally finished updating the entity limiter to be able to finally support auto killing when over limit.

    This has been pretty much a rewrite of the code, giving it alot of polish.

    Entity counting should now be exact. There should be no fluctuating, and should always represent the exact count of your res.

    A major change with this is when animals leave your residence, they will teleport back to it!

    It will no longer be possible to steal animals, but you will also be unable to take your pets with you to others residence.

    When an animal TP's back, itll go to your /res tpset, so I encourage you to ensure your animals are not free roaming outside of your res or you will find alot at your tpset!

    Now, we don't want to turn on auto kill till we are very sure its tracking counts 100% accurate and would never mistakenly report more entities than there really is (which would result in falsely auto killing)
    So, I ask everyone (Jack...), Try to find any problems or bugs to give reason to not turn on auto kill!

    If after a few days all is clear, I will turn it on:)
  2. Awesome!
  3. Awesome now...
    Dragon tomb and PVP anyone? :D
  4. Me alex and sounds great
  5. So ... if i'm getting this correct ... your animals (Cat, Dog) may NOT leave your residence ... and i guess they are now particularly for each residence only ...

    I thought of something (sure you already have too) but idk if this is possible:

    Once you set ownership of an animal (bone, or fish) ... you will be given two options ...

    1st) make your pet sit down which will just make your pet sit down ...

    2) Make them sit up which will make them walk .. but also

    2.b) When they stand up it will enable (since your animal will have same subparent name of your name) a teleport command for the animal - so what ever teleport command you type in also teleports the animal ... kindof like the /res mirror ... and the /teleport (subparent number name) (playername) ... both of those combined together and is auto cut on and off depending on the animals tamed and if they are sitting or standing ... (this way if they are sitting they stay on what res he/she is on (only if you are given breed perm (or build) on someone elses res, else it will tp it back to your res tpset ) ... if it is standing and follows you and you tp to someones res it will tp to the same res ... this way it is not totally set to act like the same commands as the other mobs like sheep and such)

    -Good job so far - these animal updates are really making the server less laggy :)
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  6. This is great! One of the things I was worried about with mob limits is people by-passing it through walking mobs from residence to residence, adding the teleporting back thing totally fixes this! Awesome! Anyways so does this teleporting back to residence spawn thing mean that we'll be able to once again breed wolves and cats without them annoyingly teleporting wherever they want and despawning?
    Well again this is great! Awesome job Aikar! :D
  7. Sounds good.
  8. Me gusta
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  9. I'm thinking YES! Especially since Aikar advertises the "Dragon Tomb" feature in his signature as already existing... It's also on the banners he released a while ago... I'd love to see the PvP server up and running as that's an enjoyable part of Minecraft :D That is as long as it is done in a friendly manner not to grief :)
  10. Great update Aikar.
    What will happen if someone places an animal egg on "empire land"? Will it stay there, or will it automatically teleport back to the person's land who placed it?
  11. You mean like on the roads? It just refuses to spawn and you keep the egg.
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  12. good job, but can you also add a command, that clears your res from all entries? I would like to have at the moment no animal on my res, because there are some chickens, but I don't know where :D so like in WorldEdit //butcher? I have also everytime 6 others entries and would like to lose them.
  13. I'm not 100% sure but when it has a few entities I don't think that they're actually there - just glitches. I know for a fact that if you use F3 it doesn't count your res only, but the area. :)
  14. You forgot me :p I'm an expert at finding bugs... I found one that repairs items to 10 uses when you're in your res. Only me and my brother had it, and I got shaun to recreate it. That didn't work, but the bug appears to be fixed. This was before the arrival of 1.3
  15. I've been trying to break this one lots lol. Shame animals don't have permissions errors... :rolleyes:
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  16. Alright, I think i've found a glitch: I spawned 4 sheep into a newly built pen. They just stood still for 5 minutes and then began to move. I haven't experienced this before this update; somebody correct me if it isn't a glitch, but I think it is.
  17. After some more testing, I found that the animals will freeze for about a minute or so. Not really a problem unless you try to breed your animals, as they don't respond. I know that mobs are buggy in multiplayer anyway, but i've found that no other servers have this.

    I've also gone to 3 other residences and the same thing happens. I don't know if its lag or if its a glitch.
  18. I assure you we havent touched animal moving yet... (its something im going to look into but it wont affect the animals if you are standing next to em, but we may not be able to do it at all).

    animal movement is not something a plugin can even control much beyond teleporting them if it doesnt like their location.
  19. Awesome! Thanks Aikar
  20. I will break this sucker.