Enraged farm

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  1. Hey, So I was wondering if its possible to make 'enraged farms' and if anybody knew how to :p
    Id love to build one with somebody! if somebody could tell me if its even possible that would be great, thanks.

  2. ooh enraged farm...
  3. I believe it's possible, as I've heard many people speak of them...
  4. it is possible, i would know *wink wink*
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  5. Basically find and make a big underground dark cave and go kill the burning mobs :).

    Looting III, Sharpness V, Unbreaking III Dia Sword helps.
    So does Protection IV dia armor, 8 min fire resistance potions and/or a bucket of water.
    Also, a good Power bow.

    I used to do this a lot, until I realized Tokens would be useless for many months.
  6. I really want a nether hound farm tbh. I have a couple ideas for them but theyd require nether nuking and that'd require persistence and time in which I have neither.
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  7. netherhound farm: a bunch of one high slabs on a shifting floor machine, nether doent rlly have to be cleared out since they spawn everywhere and the only things that will be able to spawn in that design are netherhounds small slimes and baby pigmen (both which are rarer spawns then netherhounds)
    theres a few designs and its not hard to figure out how to make, the collection area is the difficult part since you will get the nerf message if they cant get to you
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  8. I mined out a 50*50 area today, and changed the difficulty to 10, but they were not spawning in the area
  9. make a modular dark room
  10. quote="bitemenow15, post: 850047"]make a modular dark room[/quote]
    is the a certain place where they spawn?[
  11. is the a certain place where they spawn?[
  12. no they spawn everywhere
  13. If i slab everywhere will that encourage them to spawn in the dark room?
  14. well you would have to go caving too if you wanted to do it that way, but a modular dark room does not really need it
  15. And is 50*50 big enough?
  16. big enough for what?
  17. A 50 by 50 area underground, split up into 4 sections. would the be a good size for them to spawn?

  18. height is really the only thing that matters
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  19. Right mine is nothing like that
  20. thats 1 section

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