Enraged Creeper Video

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  1. *Sorry for the bad quality of it right now...there's a few pixely/blurry parts that I couldn't fix. I FEEL it's a Youtube issue and will fix itself later (hopefully). Video is fine on my computer and only gets that way when it's online. I've created some help tickets on the youtube forums (though it's hard to say whether Google actually looks at those.)
  2. ssssss - kabloomie
  3. I'd say around 500 Enraged Creepers were harmed in the making of this video.
  4. I've seen only a few. But i never go near them...

    Especially when mining. :/
  5. nice cool video :)
  6. What wicked mind could have created such an abomination..... Oh wait :confused:

    I have not met any, for now.
  7. Next video btw will be Enraged Zombies. :D
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  8. whaaaaa

    thats cra cra
  9. I saw myself at the end, laying down water!
  10. The melons.
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  11. I did my best to get some footage in there of

    Your melons.
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  12. I do really hope I can be in the next:) Don't think so, though:(
  13. that was really good and using the default texturepack makes it so much clearer!
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  14. This makes sense now.

    One of these things, unnoticed, managed to destroy a large and complex chunk of my Wild village before I even knew it was there. I wasn't anywhere near it but it started burning down my structures.

    Not impressed, in the slightest.
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  15. hehe saw myself there too, Great informative video!
  16. Thanks for your hard work making this video. I hope we can get more members this way. I really liked that video!
    I have the same problem with my videos and I hope youtube will fix its self. Also its comment section!
  17. ermm, i like the video, but u said that they never actually blow up, and keep making explosions and causing fires without actually self destructing. however, at 54 seconds, and i think at a few other points, the enraged creeper actually does explode, which has happened to me before while fighting them

    Shady manatee says: Just wondering if they're supposed to do that...
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  18. I Kill These Guys For Sport :)
  19. At 0:41 I'm the guy chasing creepers running away from me :p
  20. melon
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