Enraged Creeper Biome?

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  1. I've been looking around a swamp and an ocean, with no luck. What biomes can/can't they spawn in? Do other EMC mobs have biome limits?
  2. They will not spawn in the Town Biome, Nether Biome, or End Biome.

    They will spawn everywhere else.
  3. I'm roughly 99.99% certain they aren't spawning in swamps, at the very least. Pretty sure about oceans...
  4. Caves.
  5. xD Let me be more specific.
    When I say, "I've been looking," I mean, "I've been using a 130x130 spawn area to kill thousands and thousands of enraged mobs." None of them were creepers. The dark room is almost entirely in a swamp, but I think it touches on ocean, just barely.
  6. Anywhere that a creeper would normally spawn.
    Their coding is that every natural spawn of a creeper has a chance of being an enraged creeper instead.
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  7. Really? I thought that they only spawned in desert biomes. I believe aikar said that somewhere. That is the only place I find them too. Except for the mob arena biome :p
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  8. At my last check, yes. If you can find where it says otherwise though, I can take it back lol
  9. Enraged creepers have spawned at my place in Birch forest biom, I believe.
  10. I've seen them in Flower Forests too. I guess I'll try to catch Aikar or Chickeneer in Mumble.
  11. Not True.
    My (second) Enraged Farm is in a swamp biome, where Enraged Creepers do not spawn, I did this for that reason, I dont want those damned creatures blowing up my farms lol.

    I believe they only spawn in Deserts and River Biomes? And possibly savannahs

    Possibly in forests too, but Never has one spawned in my swamp. I get Tons of regular creepers, but None of them are enraged.
  12. I think they might be a much rarer occurrence then other enraged mobs I have only ever seen about 3 of them outside of the arena. Saw 1 spawn on a cobblestone path over an ocean while I was hunting squid and 2 others in in regular oak forest biomes.
  13. I think they spawn in desert, savanna, beach, and maybe one other. Might be so that their explosions don't damage much natural land?
  14. I have been ambushed by an enraged creeper on a Mesa Biome aswell, add that to the list
  15. I think someone suggested in Mumble the list of biomes they don't spawn in is the shorter list, but I've had awful luck. I guess I'll just go with somewhere I've seen one myself to be on the safe side. Thanks guys.
  16. I've already killed at least 2 Enraged Creepers in a swamp :/

    I got most of them on plains but even so it is rare to find one.
  17. they do not spawn in swamps. They may have spawned in a river biome that goes through a swamp, or a neighboring biome, but it did not spawn in the swamp.
  18. It only spawns in Beach, desert, plains, desert hills.

    protected boolean canSpawn(Location loc) {
    if (loc.getWorld().getEnvironment() != World.Environment.NORMAL) {
    return false;
    switch (loc.getBlock().getBiome()) {
    case BEACH:
    case DESERT:
    case PLAINS:
    case DESERT_HILLS:
    return true;
    return false;