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  1. Hello everyone, Princebee would like to bring you... ENDERMINE! EnderMIne is a business that can build almost ANYTHING for you! We can make houses, cobblestone generators, and more! We work everywhere, but we are Smp7 and Utopia based, therefore if you are not on one of these servers, we will charge an extra 10r, unless you will deliver the items, or supply them. Depending on how big the building is, we might add a 15% Gratuity. You can join our Endermine Team by PMing me, and ill send you an application form. NOTE: you pay us in advance, then we do the job. Our price is the cost of the materials+(50*[the amount of workers])+10r if it is a harder job. remember, you can work for Endermine as well! Sign up form: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/em-app-form.12204/#post-193094
  2. How muc would a giant creeper cost?
  3. 1 Thing

    Better layout might help, and some pictures by layout organise things with Headings And Sub Headings
  4. it depends how big it is :) do you want it to 1block:1pixel scale? and the correct colours? or just 1 green?
  5. ok, ill get some pics of some of our work and stuff like that :)
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  6. i might hire you if i get pics that what everyone will just keep going on about saving you from the annoying ones!
  7. Yip 1 to one. Correct colors.
  8. I want to join your building team
  9. im sorry, i do not quite understand that. could you refrase it?
  10. what server are you on, and are you suppling the materials?
  11. Might hire you, if you could show a few pictures of your previous works :)
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  12. Simple. Change the main post then I MIGHT hire you
  13. Thanks. Consider your self in EnderMine!
  14. kool
  15. Sorry, Endermine's closed. Could a mod delete this thread?