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  1. So, Minecraft links only allow 20 Chars. so, this link will take you to the minecraft EnderMine Application Form. Sorry!


    Also, EnderMine is a company made by me where if you do jobs, you get rupees and stuffs ;D
    When you send in a form, please post a comment for me so I can see your application.
  2. Feel free to "bump" it :)
  3. I sent mine in
  4. I applied.
  5. Thank you to all! You are all in! :)
  6. butbut how can you play emc?
    Aren't you going to training in like a week?
  7. Huh?

    Also, what res do we sell stuff to?
  8. that bit is not up yet :( it will be soon! (it WILL be at 5276, on Utopia.)