Endermen INVASION @ 18313

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  1. ......they just acme out of no where ............. HELP
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  2. I blame tehspiders he released them cages at endertopia. That's are President for Y'all
  3. Heads only?Looks suspicious...
  4. hm?!?!?!?!?!??!?!? I wonder!
  5. If they are not hinting at possibly new mob heads soon I will be dissappointed. I hear minecraft did make official accounts with mob heads.
  6. Hmm, someone beheaded the endermen...but who...? Well anyway, good luck getting rid of them! :p
  7. Day 2: so the endermen have yet to attack, i avoid eye contact as much as possible. Sleeping forget about the sound will huant me for years to come. I've been sittin gin the corner out of sight for what seems like weeks now. out of sight out of mind, i keep whipering that to myself
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  8. Get out the PUMPKIN!!!!
  9. You look tasty Death. What can they say.
    Enderman + Deathtomb = EnderTomb
  10. OK, let me try to get some facts.
    Enraged mobs spawn randomly with regular mobs.
    Aikar planned enraged endermen.
    Enraged mobs sometimes drop their heads.
    Deathtomb could be involved in testing new updates, as he is staff.
    Deathtomb has a giant enderman farm.

    What conclusion can be drawn?
  11. hmm warm or cold i cant pick which word to toss your way ?!?!
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  12. EnderTomb=EndTomb
    The End is where the dragon is=DragonTomb
    Dragon Tombs confirmed.
  13. Can the Dragon tomb update be coming now????
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  14. Doubt it, Aikar said they'd be streamlining the join process first.
    But then again, he also said that would be easy...
    Maybe they've begun work on Dragon Tombs?
  15. I'll buy an Enderman head for a few K. I like heads
  16. The ideas of and work on Dragon Tombs began almost a year ago.
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  17. I'll buy some skulls :D
  18. I 'twas ninjad :/
  19. And proceeded to be repeatedly stopped by various new things.
    Shall we say, resumed work? :)
  20. WIP? :)