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  1. Yup the Ender Dragon was defeated. November 23 @ 8:20PM on SMP1 and November 25 @ 10:30PM on SMP2 to be exact. Because of noobs the shrine is being taken down and a super secure museum is under construction. Visit it at 2430. (No that is not my lot its bluebl1's. but we"re friends and my lot is next door) Come visit!
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  2. It was Shawnzup, bluebl1, pikminboy111, and I that killed it
  3. Great Job guys, can't wait to see the egg for the first time in game.
  4. That is awesome! Can't wait to see it!
  5. We went to smp2 and got the SECOND dragon egg, the only one left is in the utopia egg which we aren't going to get since we aren't gold or diamond sponsors :(
  6. cool good job guys :D
  7. oh rly? the last egg will be mine!
  8. it was one heck of an adventure lastnight i got 2 admins to come with us the strongholds r very secrete
  9. Oid, lets make a time and we can go get the egg. Ive got cdboi who is keen to come a long :)
  10. Damn! That must've been awesome. The hell with egg, I'd just love to go and beat a dragon :)
  11. I will make sure I get an egg. No matter how long it takes.

    Maybe I'll get the smp7 egg.
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  12. So who are the supporters that got the Utopia egg? I heard someone got it and I want to know who got the last egg since me and my friends got both the others :p
  13. i dont think anybody has gotten the utopia egg. i could (and might be) wrong.
  14. I WANT THAT EGG!!! what if u threw it and a baby dragon hatched kinda like a chicken with a big head and small body??? that would be AWESOME!
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  15. The other egg belongs to Belchmaster.
  16. Just wondering, do you want that egg because your name is eragon? Just out of curiosity :D
  17. I would name a baby Dragon Shruikan, and then wreak havoc upon all of the server (which I would rename to Alagaesia #'s 1&2)
  18. Lol, I am reading the last book of that series right now, great book. Though I would name my Dragon Saphira and then I would make a diamond sword named Brisinger and I would defeat you :D
  19. im on brisingr but i own inhereitnce its a great series!
  20. Lol, I am 620 pages into Inheritance, very good book!
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