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  1. I guess if you get int end world in waste that end stone can be used for nice things.
    Only suprissed you dont see much end stone.

    So whats the store about end worlds in waste. Just mine what
    you want without breaking anything else ? Other words find a fine corner / height.

    Or do i make some thinking error ?
  2. I understand bite's confusedness, but I do actually understand your post, I think :p
    I think you're allowed to mine end stone, as long as you don't undermine buildings by other people. I'm absolutely not positive, though.
  3. Ok. to late. i have my stacks. its enough for a while. only want it for flooring in my frontier build, and i only mine in waste. Maby i get some more the last week before waste reset, i understand end portal get reset to then ?
  4. The Wastelands end portals take you to one central End. The End is never reset because that would also end up resetting the EnderDragon
  5. You can mine any end stone you see except when it's part of a build/structure. Just make sure you don't destroy the bottom layer and expose the void.
  6. That make no sense. sofar i know the place i have visit did not have any enderdragon anymore because its killed long ago. That would mean in the past someone did have fun with the ender dragon and after that nobody could kill it again. Its also where already open portal in waste.

    We talk about waste land end world. Otherwise its maby time for some small change or better info.
    It where already confusing, because wilderness = waste and frontier = wilderness. but normally you call waste = waset and frontier as wilderness. And i expect if you go from wasteland to the end world that that end world get reset.

    Sofar i understand wasetland have its own end portal, and every server have its own end portal, except town.
    If wasteland hget reset, the end world get recreated to. But right now, :confused:

    If its like frontier i would never mine there. but many did anway sofar i see. but you access it from wasteland. :confused::confused:
  7. Thats what you anyway do and need todo in waste to.
  8. There is no "End Wasteland." It's shared by both the frontier and the waste.
  9. there is a single end on every server (10 total)
  10. Wish i did know that before :(, but for frontier land it looked already heavy damaged. Thats why you start to make wrong conclusions. so that stack i have now is the first and last pile. untill there's better way to get end stone without get them from end world :eek:
  11. I think it still would be nice if the end world could be reset once in a while to get a fresh orginal look.
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  12. See, the problem with that is, it really can't. Just as the wild holds wild bases, and therefore can't be reset, the end holds farms/structures. So, no, the end will most likely not be reset.
  13. its been discussed before, i dont know how much of the discussion was public knowledge tho so ill just leave it at that
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  14. It could be possible if the Wastelands was given its own End and the Dragon was just killed every single time by the person resetting it :p
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  15. theres really no need for that tho, endstone isnt very valuable nor is it used often in builds, and there is plenty on all the islands on every server, i think out of all of them only 2 servers have any actual not derelict builds and of those 1 is taking up considerable space. smp6's island is almost completely intact and abandoned and the others are ripe for mining if you needed it. theres no purpose to go through manual resets
  16. I am curious about the history, so veterans please tell me, what is so bad about having another Ender Dragon?
  17. Another ender dragon would end up giving another dragon egg, and if not that would cause lots of confusion when players did not get dragon eggs, and with Dragon Tombs (hopefully) coming out soon, we will see more eggs and more dragons in the near future. That is only my opinion, however, so I am just making an educated guess.
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  18. You never know when someone might come along one day and destroy every single End island on each server leaving only the obsidian platform :p
  19. Just a note that this is not true - SMPs 5-9 have never had an Ender Dragon in their End World I believe, they can be removed before putting them in, the reason they are not reset is because they are essentially a part of the Frontier and there has long been a promise that the Frontier would never be reset :)
    The Dragon Eggs obtained from Ender Dragons were renamed and lored, they are each called "Original Dragon Egg", there are only 5 of these known to exist and it has always been promised that no more Originals would be released, which means no more Dragon Eggs being obtainable from the Dragons in the Endworlds... Though unnamed Dragon Eggs will start to appear more commonly after Dragon Tombs as well, Dragon Tombs :p Though I'm not 100% sure how Dragon Tombs will work just yet...
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