Enchantment rebalance!!! (12w22a)

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    • Trading with villagers has been updated
    • Enchantment system has been rebalanced!!!!!!!!!
    • A new Redstone-activating block
    • Better Creative inventory
    • Pausing should work in single-player now
    • Some minor terrain changes
    • Added an “adventure” game mode (/gamemode 2), but requires more work
    • A lot of smaller changes and fixes
    Download Links:
    Client + "Listen" Server
    "Dedicated" Server (or .EXE)
  1. A new Redstone-activating block :cool:

    Villager tradesystem was removed though.
  2. Stacking Buckets!
    No more broken boats on lilypads.
    Water/Lava in dispensers!

    Lovely <3
  4. Enchantment rebalance?
  5. I asked the same thing on the minecraft forums and am waiting on a reply.. <,<
  6. Quoted from Minecraft Forums..<,<
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  7. Um what are you talking about. I see no mention of trade system being removed. If your talking about on this server there has yet to be a confirmation of that.
  8. Jeb posted it on his twitter a few days ago.
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  9. Well I went back already to over a week ago and still no sign of him removing it. So far sounds like your just trolling. Esspecially when there is no mention of it anywhere else.
  10. This new creative menu is fantasticle!
  11. and singleplayer commands and potions in creative i still think they should add enderpearls teleporting in creative
  12. Though with almost 2 enchantments on each pick won't that kill some of the enchantment prices?
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  13. he is he told me that emerald has been romoved
  14. Still no potions in creative from what I can tell though. They need this for me big time. I use tons of damage potions when I have to murder 23234323423 chickens that always happen to appear in town causing major lag issues. -_-
  15. Agreed we need to cut the throats of those 23,234,323,423 chickens.
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  16. You added commas to my number spam in the quote, lol.
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  17. http://empireminecraft.com/threads/no-more-emerald-ore.9265/

    However, it was re-added yesterday by the looks of it.
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  18. Can I has the 0 to 69,702,970,269 feathers from said chickens and like billion squid eggs.. I can get the books from my book farm.. :3
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  19. so has emerald ore been put back into the game