Enchanted Book Chestshops

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  1. I was recently informed that the chestshops I had been making for enchanted items don't work. I had been making them by putting the ID of the item from /iteminfo on the last line on the sign (since all you get for the name of the name of the item is Enchbook). When I created it, it said that the shop was successfully created but apparently it doesn't recognize the item when someone tries to click on the sign for it. I'm trying to avoid slot shops due to the fact that you have to restock them whenever they run out. So any help here? Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. This has been asked before btw ;)

    The solution, as you can read in that thread, is to use [Slot] type sign shops instead of the regular ones. Check out this wiki page which contains more information about how to make and use these.
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  3. Unfortunately, he's right. Slot shop signs are the only way this works, been there done that:)
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  4. K thx for the help guys.