enchanted book item ids?

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  1. I sell enchanted books via sale chests, and was wondering if there's a way to get item ids for each type of book. I am tracking sales through shopkeeper, and it would help tremendously to do that. Am I missing something? Or is there currently no way to do that?
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  2. I know there are item ids for each kind of enchanted book, you can verify through /iteminfo, but whenever I use it with sale chests it does not work.
  3. That's the problem I am having as well
  4. Never used shop signs (yet) to so I could be off here...

    I didn't know about /iteminfo but so far used another trick (works on 1.7.10): F3 - H. So press F3 (debug screen) and while keeping it pressed press h.

    If you now open your inventory and hover your mouse over the items you'll see the ID being mentioned in brackets behind it.

    Now, this is why I think this may be more useful: when I use /iteminfo on an enchanted book (Proj. Protection IV, Luck of the Sea II and Bane of Anthropods IV) I get: 403-s4r8qo. If I use the trick above and hover over the item I see: #0403.

    Once again; I'm not sure, but the difference in ID's puzzled me a little. So I wonder if the plain ID could help you out here.

    Oh; the ID display is a toggle. So to turn it off again use the same key combo (F3-H) again.
  5. I'll have to try that, thanks:)
  6. You must use [Slot] type shop signs on anything enchanted as the enchants (and the varying order in which they are applied) change the items sub-id. Have a look here for info on slot shops. http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/slot-shop-signs/
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  7. That's how I do it now, but its impossible to inventory them on shopkeeper that way, as the item I'dfor a silk touch book is the same as a fortune 3 book.
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  8. All enchanted books do have the same id. It's 403, I believe. After that id is a series of letters and numbers. These letters and numbers indicate what enchants and durability the book has. The problem is that you can have multiple enchants on a book and even book with the same enchants will have different sub-ids (because they can be in a different order).

    Slot type shops do indicate in your transaction history what item was sold though I have no clue about shopkeeper as I don't use it.