Empyrion Galactic Survival

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  1. Just show casing ships I have in this game. Post yours if you have the game :)

    Will update later. I do play this on a server but I don't know if it counts as server advertising even for different game. Rules only specify for Minecraft on that lols
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  2. Ima raid you tomorrow....
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  3. Lols u aint got a ship
  4. I like that second one. Building CVs has proven to be my bane so far, simply because trying to protect that awful 5x5x2 warp-donut makes my ships larger than I intend. I like sleek, compact form-factors, and that thing utterly ruins most of my attempts. That being said, I mostly play LAN with my girlfriend (private dedicated server off my desktop, she connects to local IP), so PvP raiding and the like aren't really a concern. It's just those POI base turrets that give us issues, suckers are vicious and we've mostly resorted to tunneling in, sniping them out, or some combination of the two.

    As far as ships & such, this is what we've been using so far, mostly:

    The KAV-19 "Shard" is my workhorse. Armor's a little thin on the bottom - the one time I tried to use it on a POI, the turrets gutted it - but it works great for dropping drones and exploring.

    I actually built her another ship, based on a design from the workshop she really liked:

    (KAV-22 "Zero", inspired by the Zero-G Sidewinder)
    As it turned out though, she still favors her purple / white Shard instead. Go figure. :rolleyes:

    This is the pièce de résistance though:

    I built Angelspire as a general-use "nice" base we could plop down whenever we found some new planet to explore. She convinced me to post to the Workshop, along with some of my other builds... that was Sunday.
    As of this writing, it is currently in the top-3 "Most Popular" bases for the last year (as well as all lesser spans, 6-month, 3-month, week, and day), and the 9th highest-rated of all time. I'm a little flabbergasted by that at the moment. Guess this is my 15 minutes of fame? Roslyn, already said thanks for pointing me at this game, but I'mma repeat it here so everyone can read: so glad you told me about Empyrion. Now if only they'd add better options for curves, I'd be in architectural heaven!

    As a PS, I'mma leave you guys the KHV-2 Harvester:
    Fun little hovercraft, works great for mowing down wildlife - particularly the passive ones that like to run away at top-speed as soon as you shoot at them. THERE IS NO ESCAPE! ...muahahahaha. *bzzzt!*
  5. 4.0 just released yesterday. All kinds of new stuff, like auto-miners, LED screens, repair blocks, new turrets, and new lighting model...

    Sadly, they also changed the textures with the lighting system, and the two combined now look like utter crap in my eyes. :( Instead of a beautiful white/gold motif, Angelspire is sporting some neon-lemon color, because they altered the base steel texture and toned the specular map down to practically nothing (no more glossy shine). I've been venting my frustration on their forums, in the hope they'll come around and give us back the good textures. These new ones suck.
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  6. This seems interesting!

    I'm wondering what you're getting at with this. Could you post a screenshot of how it looks now?
  7. I'm at work now, but I'll like you to a comparison shot I posted earlier:
    The specular sheen that gave it the glossy metal appearance is all but gone. Furthermore, the texture map that determines how blocks are colored was also changed, resulting in a much more vibrant and saturated appearance.
    Their update also changed the lighting model, which compounds the issues with saturation, but the lighting by itself would be fine if they hadn't mucked with the textures.
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  8. I was hoping they would add armor to the characters and backpack space and perhaps new weapons, but all they did was add faster resource gathering and better ways to repair. Basically 2 functions. And of course like Keph mentioned, some awful textures. I did like the gloss textures as it reflected space light amazingly in space.
  9. If you read the patch notes, they do mention revising the character model to accommodate new equipment and customization - I guess they just don't have the assets in place to implement yet.
  10. It seems my "Luxury" rebuild of the Selene is turning some heads this week.


    In other news, I was reading up on the patch notes for 4.1 (currently in the "experimental" branch) and they mentioned tweaking the steel texture back a little. I tried it out briefly last night, and while it's still far too saturated, it does look somewhat better. Darker colors won't look so splotchy anymore, at least. Sadly, until they tone down the color-mapping, all my "Starhaven" stuff that was using the light yellow to achieve a gold-color effect is still going to look far too much like lemon custard. Lots of other great fixes in the pipeline though.
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  11. Oh did you hear they added a admin command to change certain blocks to other blocks so you dont have to go and edit urself per ship
    pretty nifty. Especially for the older workshop stuff that uses Hull Blocks still
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  12. Thought I'd share this. Since the 4.0 update, I'd started a new Survival game. Finally got around to posting the builds I've been using.

    The "Endurance" Line:

    Three bases, of increasing size and capability, two SVs, and a lightweight hovercraft meant for exploring and mining.
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  13. Did you see they recently added new thrusters and wing types? + new weapon stuff but who cares about that? amirite?
  14. I did. Bulky jet-engine style things I will never use unless forced by game mechanics, and I'm only slightly more optimistic about the wing types. Honestly, it all seems like it's aiming for an atmospheric / aerodynamic physics model at some point, and I'm not at all keen on that - if I wanted to worry about lift and center of mass/thrust, I'd be playing KSP.
  15. I agree with you, I did like the current mechanics where design is free and not restricted to certain module designs for take off.
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  16. Is this free game
  17. no it aint free :c
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  18. Posted a new CV.

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  19. Wow this one looks amazing~!
  20. That's right, I never did post the Seraphim here did I?

    More of a showboat than a gunboat, but up until the 4.0+ balance changes with SV weight & thrust, she flew pretty decently. Now... thrust ain't so bad, but she needs a T2 RCS to turn worth a damn.
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