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  1. One day a fellow emc addict stumbled upon an idea so great people would walk miles and miles just to hear it...
    But that's not this story :p
    One day while a fellow player was afk on emc while busy training troops, upgrading, attacking and such on clash of clans she thought why not make a clan for the fellow members of emc? And so it began, the journey to build up a mighty clan using only the members of the emc community.
    The clan was struggling, members joined and left one after another the player started to lose hope, but then they came. The first of many emc players that would join! That player had no longer felt hopeless, for she knew one day the clan would strive.
    But enough about that player why not talk about the awesome players we are lucky to have in the clan!

    Without the players there would be no clan, no wars, no helping others in need of troops.
    Just a empty clan. You see players are vital to a clan. But active helpful and kind people are necessary for a successful clan, and that is just what we are becoming.

    Members: 23/50
    Clan Info

    Clan Rules!
    1.) Donate a MINIMUM of 5 troops (specified troops)per season (1 month)
    2.) Either be ready to attack in war or opt out
    3.) No Arguing in chat
    4.) No kicking other members! Unless they broke a rule.
    5.) Must have a trophy badge before the end of the first week every season!
    6.) No asking for elder or co
    7.) Don't reject anyone's request to join the clan (everyone is allowed)
    8.) You MUST donate as much as you receive (or close to it)
    9.) there will be random checks for active players. Those found un-active can be kicked. Kicked members may reapply (doing so means your active)
    10.) Only request what you can donate

    News Update! April 4th
    I have done some research on Clash of clans. I think the best way to do the clan system sharing one clan. Some may be like: But Chespin why didn't we just stay in the main clan then? We are simply testing out ways to Clash :)
    If this goes according to plan then this will be our clan setup.
    Ok so here's the plan:
    its a similar layout to before we started exp. What we'll do is accept anyone (as usual) but you are required to push for trophys so that your above 1200 trophys. Ovibsouly if you just started that'll be hard so we will give each player time to push. You don't have to attack for trophys 24/7 just gradually increase your count.
    Thanks for your time -ches-

    April 23 2016
    1200 Trophies REQUIRED!!! You can join no matter the amount but push to 1200 please.
    New war schedule! We will war 1-3 times a week! Come join us and help us dominate other clans!
    Starting now we WILL NOT accept you into the clan unless you state your emc name! We have to many un-active non emc players, which makes it hard to contact them. Thus why we are requiring emc names to join!
    Thanks :) -Ches-

    Season will end in roughly 1 day, so please regain your trophy league before the end of the first week of the new season.

    In order to spice up Clash of clans and get players to be more active I will be holding contests.
    I will break the contest into parts so everyone can have a chance to win.
    Each contest type will have its own name

    Strong Cheif - who ever has the most trophy's at the end of each season will win this category

    Medic - who ever donates the most troops (only troops they ask for) will win this category

    War Hero - who ever gains the most war stars by the end of the season will conquer this category

    More may be added in the future

    1.) All donations, war stars, and trophy counts will only be counted in that current season and cannot be carried over to the next season
    2.) For donating all troops donated that were not asked for will not count.

    Season: May 2016
    Strong cheif -
    1k + 11 shiny flesh + 2 dragon stone + 30 exp bottles + 2 cooked turkeys
    Medic -
    A badge from EMPD's Red Cross + 750r + 1 dragon stone + cooked turkey + 25 exp bottles
    War Hero -

    Season: May 2016
    Strong Cheif- Bren, with 2,380 trophies
    Medic- AnonReturns, With 643 Troops donated
    War Hero- TBA after current war

    Players with alt accounts that can't multi task can join the emc alt clan "EmpireMC_Alts"

    if your viewing this on mobile some Spoilers won't work unless you have you phone sideways
  2. In a clan with my friends, can't join, sorry :(
  3. S ok, just remember your always welcome
    Anyone from emc is always welcome :)
  4. My username is Syndreth
  5. If my current clan falls through I'll be sure to join :p
  6. First member!!! :) welcome.e karatekitkat <3
  7. My username is Evan
  8. I think someone already made one.
  9. What if I somehow joined both clans? :D
  10. You cant
  11. I have 2 accounts :)
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  12. Oh well then yes could join both
  13. Yay, I joined the clan
  14. You could always join mine ;)
  15. Welcome to the clan 2nd memeber