Empire Tutorial no longer skippable!

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. As I said when the change was announced, it could be reverted!

    After a thorough testing period, we have decided the players skipping the tutorial in general did not stick around anyways, therefor making it not worth allowing skipping.

    The command has been removed, and the tutorial is scheduled to upgrade on next reboot to remove the signs (I forgot to do that when I pushed update....)

    Rejoice with a little less trouble makers :)
  2. This... Very good idea. Hopefully this help new players learn everything!
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  3. This'll be good in my opinion. The more educated people are the better.
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  4. Yipeee!!! This is good! +1
  5. 2 words: thank you
  6. Excellent, most wonderful. Hopefully we'll have less people who have no idea how to do stuff anymore!
    Pick a hard topic that makes good for a comical, yet still angry, rant. That's at least what I did for my old weekly rants…when I had ideas >_<
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  7. Thank you alot, aikar. I am very happy that tutorial is no longer just optional. I think players should be willing to put a few extra minutes into the tutorial and to find out about the server. If they don't want to learn, they do not belong here.
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  8. Cool. Being recently experiencing the new player rush on SMP5, so understand how significant this is now.

    More because the people just here to spam/advertise/destroy will be too lazy to do the whole tutorial just to cause 1 minute of trouble. So thanks Aikar! :)
  9. In my opinion it's better having 10 people that has been throu the tutorial and is good going, than 100 people asking how to claim a residence ;D
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  10. Well chat did not get disabled, but I am considering options there.

    It is a plus for them to be able to ask for help if they legitly get stuck in tutorial, but it would be easy to add a flag to ignore tutorial chat
  11. Hmm.. I think even if there was a flag to ignore tutorial chat, I probably wouldn't use it. Simply because I don't want to be ignoring legit newbies needing help... I dunno, try it.
  12. Woohoo! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This helps everyone, materials and supplies for them and less basic questions for us (over and over and over....). :D :cool:
  13. I can do it in one:
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