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  1. Before I start my thread I would like to show you a meme I made in relation to this topic: image.jpg

    The empire shop prices are astronomical. 175k for a wither skull, 150k for a beacon, 4r for one dirt block. This is madness (feel free to write replies saying, " no, this is Sparta!") and prices should be lower. If my favorite shop is out of something I would swing by there if prices wern't so high.
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  2. The point is to be high, so there will be a cap on item prices…it's also used as a rupee sink area.
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  3. It is to encourage people to buy from player shops. If it was cheap then blocks would be generated and it would drop the prices of items in player shops traumatically.
  4. I mean, I would LOVE for the /shop to have lower and better prices but the high prices persuades players to create their own shops.
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  5. Ninja'd I see.
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  6. That is even unrealistic. With much cheaper shops who would buy there? There is no point. Have it a little pricey and people will shop there because it is always stocked.
  7. That is true and I know about this too but referring to the rupee pool it makes little cense if nobody is buying.
  8. I have to say this is true but there has to be an in between point of now prices and normal shop prices. As an alternative but won't be first pick and used too often but available if needed without bankrupting players.
  9. People who know lots more about economic that I do know for a fact that having the /shop higher is very good for the economy.
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  10. The point of /shop is to put a cap on prices and to prevent inflation. /shop isn't even meant to be bought from unless you are really desperate. If the prices of /shop were reduced by even 10 rupees there could be a dramatic change in the way people buy items. The economy could actually be ruined. There have been many threads with people asking for the prices to be reduced, and the response has never changed.
  11. Simple:
    IcecreamCow Needs money to feed his TNT addiction
  12. I know economics too. I do stock work and deal with things like that. I am no saying to meet prices with shops. Something about 2x as much as the average price or maybe even 3 times as much. I am saying just a little more realistic. Trust me, I know how the economy works and how the shop helps the game economy but I think the shop being a little cheaper but still a lot more expensive than other shops would be liked from a consumer standpoint or as a player.
  13. /shop is, at times, actually only about 10r more expensive than some shops. I have seen diamonds being sold for 90r, /shop sells them for 100r.
  14. The Empire Shop actually takes out over 10,000's of rupees from the economy each day. People use it a lot and it's one of our main rupees sinks. The prices won't be lowered. :)
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  15. Impressive. I am guessing vault is number one.
  16. :eek:
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  17. In other words of the posts above: No
  18. That is 3.6 million a year!
  19. It's more or less 10,000r but yes.
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  20. Still doesn't cover the amount of rupees given out each day by voting and daily logins.