Empire Shop prices have updated!

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  1. /Shop Prices Have Updated!

    The Empire Shop is never meant to intervene with the real player market and we became aware that it was in fact doing so. Therefore, any prices which were deemed to be inhibiting real market growth, were increased to allow for the player market to increase as well.

    Question and Answer Section:
    What items were changed?
    Off the top of my head:
    Diamonds and anything that used diamonds when crafted, diamond ore, emeralds, emerald ore, lapis lazuli, lapis ore, ink sacs, book and quill, most dyes, and ghast tears. I might be missing one or two, but most other prices stayed the same because there wasn't a need to change them.

    Why is the Empire Shop so expensive?
    The Empire Shop items are spawned in by the server for a nominal fee. Therefore, the prices reflect no effort on the player nor removal of items from the generated world. As a result, they are supposed to be much higher in order to be fair to those that do mine/gather their own materials from the world and to not interfere in the natural course of the player market fluctuation.

    Why is Aikar ruining the economy with inflation?
    He isn't. Inflation is a natural aspect of economics in a limited scale. Something like a diamond is going to increase in value over time due to the factors of supply and demand. While there may be a large supply of diamonds on the server, diamonds are also expended from the economy through repairs, etc to tools/armor. This and activities like hoarding diamonds or building with diamond blocks drive up demand.

    Why doesn't Empire Shop have stained glass, stained clay, etc from the 1.7 update?
    The Empire Shop is designed to not release our current version items in order to allow for the players to set the market for them. We'll add those items with the next update or so.

    Any other questions? Please ask in the comments or privately message me.:D
  2. Hmm, well at least the diamonds won't flood everyone, lol.
  3. pff. I am 4th, take that!
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  4. Good to hear... prices are getting way higher then they should be.
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  5. Don't forget that it is easier to make rupees now, so in the grand scheme of things they haven't really rose at all..

    consider that free players use to make about 100-200 rupees a day (if they voted 2x) when diamonds were 45-50r.
    Now, they can easily make 800 a day by voting 2x a day, a 4x increase!

    Diamond prices are at 90r~, so in reality, diamond prices have been cut in half. The economy still has plenty of room to push upwards.

    The old EMC economy was broken, and things are now more 'fixed', so the prices rising are a good thing. It shows that things are going as planned.

    Demand is extremely boosted compared to the old days of EMC economy, meaning those who run shops will be more successful.

    The fact diamond keeps going up means there is not enough supply. Get out there and mine to keep the prices stable if you really want that :)

    Now, if those mass farming Iron and Gold can get with the picture and raise those prices :p
  6. Thanks for the updates.. as usual, always keeping us in the loop.
  7. Going as planned yes... Go aikar :D

    I second this so much^
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  8. Just to throw some clarification in there,. Inflation doesn't have anything at all to do with the amount of items in an economy. It has to do with the amount of currency. Like Aikar said, more money is coming into the economy now. That causes a rise in inflation.

    By Definition: Inflation
    A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money

    It just means that the value of the Rupee is less than it used to be.

    However. Inflation can not really hurt us in the game. As long as it stays on a moderate rise and does not do anything drastic.

    The reason behind this is because in real life, inflation hurts us because there are a limited number of resources to split among people. Inside MC, however, resources are infinite.

    One other major reason is that, even for our poorest people, it is easy to gain currency. Consider the free daily bonus as a wage folks earn. So free would be considered "minimum wage". In comparison to our real world minimum wage, the in game one is very very generous.

    Inflation hurts the poor first, and the most. So if your "poor" is still able to earn well then inflation can not do as much damage.

    Inflation isn't really a big deal on the servers. Although I would not be opposed to seeing more ways for rupees to be taken out of the system, to help inflation.
  9. I would love to see the EMC shop shut down and have a supply and demand economy. Get some people out of the towns and into the Waste.
  10. Glad to see an intervention! Now to figure out how much/what I'm going to change in my mini mall :p
  11. Removing the shop would actually cause an increase in inflation. Since it is one of the major things that pulls rupees out of the economy. When someone buys from the shop, the rupees vanish and are no longer in the economy. We just need more things like that.

    EX: Vault costs, ect..
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  12. Its all about supply / demand.
    Interestingly WooL price in player shops has stayed about the same price for more than 2 years.
    So, once you consider the significant rupee inflation over the last 2+ years, WooL has actually lost a lot of value, #bad200DCInvestment

    Thank you staff for adjusting /shop as needed.
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  13. notably because wool demand is not as high as Diamonds, which are expendable, where as wool is not.
    And wool is mainly used for people building structures out of wool, which I think is becoming less and less now with the addition of stained clay.
  14. Ugh. I just did a complete pricing overhaul on my entire shop a couple of weeks ago. I guess I know what'll I'll be looking at again tonight.

    I will say that had experienced repeated runs on diamonds, lapis, quartz, and obsidian recently.
  15. Yayayayayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Woo Updatezzzzzz
  16. This shouldn't trigger you to change things. You should base your prices on other players (the general market value).

    This update was done because the Empire Shop was putting a hard cap on the market value, preventing shop owners from going any higher with prices.
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  17. I'm still quite new and I actually bought several items in the Empire shop to help me get started. Then I discovered Corq's shop (smp2) and hardly looked back. Only time when I really wanted something and was too lazy to look.

    But as to those voting rewards... Pictures, or it didn't happen is the saying so maybe this can help convince some players too. As you can see I'm only at day 38 now and, well... See for yourself:

    So basically I bagged 1670 rupees for only going to a few websites. And that's not mentioning the mail bonus; this morning I received 4 diamonds by mail as well.

    When looking at those numbers I really can't be bothered too much about dia's for 500rupees :)

    There's something else players should keep in mind too: one factor which people are forgetting is that a lot of things also depend on what players are willing to spend. If you (as shop holder) now try to sell diamonds for, say, 300rupees then I'm pretty sure you're out of luck.

    Another thing to keep in mind: server-hopping. If /v +shop doesn't get you to a shop you like (nor does asking on @e (Economy chat) about it)... why not hop servers and try again?

    I got quite a few good deals this way. And places I simply keep coming back to because I really like them. A prime example would be Claremuss' shop (on SMP8 if I remember correctly) for enchanted books...

    Also; don't want to bother with these things? Get creative yourself... Like Kephras who is selling signed books (story books) in his shop on SMP8.

    These are "merely" diamonds, there's plenty more opportunity where this came from :)
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  18. I would guess the prices will go back down in a few weeks, when we've got through 2 or 3 weeks' worth of people burning though resources over Christmas!