Empire Newsletter: July 2022

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  1. Happy July! I hope you are all having a fabulous summer. There are some exciting things happening this month, so read on to find out more!

    Community Team Updates:
    • Build Team
      • The new waste spawn design was released with the update to 1.19! If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out at /waste on any SMP!
      • The Build Team continues to work hard on the next big event build! There are about four months before it is released, but the team can't wait for all of you to have a chance to explore it.
    • Contribution Team
    Do you want to help the Empire? Consider joining a Community Team! Click here for more information.

    Staff Updates:
    • The Senior Staff are looking for new moderators to join the staff team! If you think you would be a good fit for the position, apply here!
    • Do you know somebody who would make a good staff member? Recommend them here!
    Don't forget to use /report to let staff members know about activity that breaks the rules!

    Developer Updates:
    • 1.19 was recently released on EMC. Check out the update thread here to learn more about EMC-specific changes and bug fixes!
    • The Games Server Update is planned to be released later this month! This will be the first half of an update to fix the existing Funland Mini Games and convert them from command blocks to code.
    • As announced in the 1.19 update thread, the Empires Update may also be released later this month. Specific details about what it includes will be released when the update comes out.
    Please remember to report any bugs to pmdev.emc.gs!

    Happy Birthday to EMC!
    *sniffles* They grow up so fast! EMC's birthday is on July 25th, so keep an eye out for birthday festivities! Thank you to the incredible community for making EMC such a great place for the last 11 years.

    Thank you all for reading this month's newsletter! Here are a few jokes for July:

    What kind of music do balloons find scary?
    Pop Music!

    What do you call a duck who likes fireworks?
    A firequacker!

    What kind of cakes do cats like for their birthday?
    Mice cream cake!
  2. the New waste spawn is great the only ting i miss is that efry smp has a difrent collor or somting like that or like some personality and an anvile in the crafting section
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  3. I am soooo gonna use those jokes
    Thanks for providing them ✌🏼
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  4. mr ultipig

    and emc. will check update.
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