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  1. Since ownership of this mod has been moved to me, I figured a replacement for the original thread was in order :)
    So yes, if you've seen that thread, this is barely anything new ;)
    Since I last posted on that thread, though, there have been 8 new releases with fixes and features - see the changelog here!
    People of EMC:

    Do you remember vault buttons?
    Do you remember Giselbaer's Chat Control mod?
    Do you remember the 21st night of September?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should probably take a look at my mod for Fabric and Forge specifically made for EMC: the Empire Minecraft Utilities mod. Among our current features are:
    • Chat channel buttons above the chat input bar
    • Automatic teleportation to a Residence on another server
    • Easier viewing of usable Custom Items such as Pot of Gold
    • Customizable tab list sorting (configurable from Mod Menu)
    • Vault buttons
    • Integration with JourneyMap and Xaero's World Map/Minimap
      • Clicking on a residence will teleport you to that residence
      • Automatic world detection and map confirmation/creation
    It's also included in my modpack!

    What are you waiting for?

    The source code can be found here.
    Known bugs, feature requests, and other issues can be found here.

    Any technical support questions / issues can be directed to either the link above, or on Discord to myself. Forums also works, but replies may be delayed.

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  2. Just downloaded this mod primarily for the vault buttons. Do I need to do something specific to enable cross-server teleporting?
  3. Shouldn't need to. Just do, for example, /v 4567 on a server other than SMP2 and it'll send you to SMP2 and issue /v 4567.
  4. Odd. It is not working for me. It just displays that I am on the wrong server.
  5. Found an issue that I don't think is on the bug list.
    Mod won't work with the Easier Chests installed.
    Emc utility kills the Easier Chests recognizing the vault pages as a double chest. Removing Emc Utility and Chests mod functions perfectly.
  6. This makes sense, considering EMC utilities turns what the client thinks is just a "double chest" into the special 9x7 chest. Inventory Profiles works with this special chest type, though, so I'm not sure why Easier Chests doesn't. I'll look into it a bit more.
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  7. I've got it working as of this commit. Essentially, I made it so that instead of replacing it with a custom implementation of the special 9x7 chest, it piggybacks off of vanilla's implementation of the 9x6 chest to create one with an extra row.

    The placement of the buttons is messed up, but I can't really do anything about that :(
    There will likely be a 2.3.1 release tonight, if I cannot find any more bugs in my testing for the next little while :)
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  8. I'm still suffering the bug of my minecraft refusing to acknowledge the mod existing, but will redownload and try again :)
  9. Empire Minecraft Utilities v2.3.1 for 1.17.1 (and 21w43a) is now released! "Fix many bugs and introduce a couple more"
    (22 changed files with 179 additions and 351 deletions)
    DOWNLOAD IT HERE! https://modrinth.com/mod/emcutils/version/N44GoVG3

    - Generally fixed compatibility with EasierChests and other chest-related mods by using a vanilla implementation of screen handlers instead of a custom one
    - Fixed radar and cave mode disabling on Xaero's World Map/Minimap
    - Fix general compatibility by getting rid of Overwrite mixins

    Requires Fabric Loader 0.12.4 or higher - some new mixin features are used which is only available in 0.12.x. If you're using the new Minecraft Launcher on Windows, make sure to use Fabric Installer 0.9.0.

    Also requires Fabric API as always. Mod Menu and VoxelMap are suggested but not required. Xaero's World Map and Minimap support is still experimental and prone to breaking.

    Known issues:
    - The world name detection has been temporarily removed from Xaero's integration due to a crash I can't figure out
    - The placement of the player inventory when opening the vault looks very weird, especially with EasierChests. Working on a fix for this, but it might take a while.
    - Residence collection (and thus cross-server teleportation and residence teleportation from minimap) may still be broken? Not too sure on this one, but Unoski reported this a while ago and I still haven't been able to figure out why it's an issue.
    - I haven't been able to track down the source of Dras' issue, so that might still be a thing.
  10. Empire Minecraft Utilities v2.3.2 for 1.17.1 and 1.18-rc1 is now released! "Add Forge release & fix vault alignment"

    Download it for Fabric or for Forge.

    Surprise! Between now and the last release, emcutils has been ported to Architectury. What this means is that the mod can now support Forge and Fabric simultaneously.
    As a result, Architectury API is now required. It can be downloaded for Fabric or Forge.
    This release also fixes a bug where the highlights for the vault were misaligned with the actual location of the slots. Have fun!
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  11. Currently aware of an issue where vaults aren't working at all on Fabric. This is why you test stuff, kids...

    edit: Not sure how I messed this up this badly. Going to try and fix tomorrow morning.
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  12. Alright, well, having spent a bit of time on this and having tried to get support from modding communities, I have no clue how to solve this. If any Java developers with some level of MC modding experience wants to look into fixing this, please message me on Discord at Emmaffle#1787 for more specific details.
  13. Interesting. It will fill more convivence ! Also i will let you know if i have any issues
  14. This looks like a cool mod...
  15. Released a v2.4.0-beta.1 for 1.17.1 and 1.18.1 (Fabric and Forge). Fixes vault buttons being positioned weirdly, typing /home game crash, and no option for no channel switch sound. Unfortunately this also reverts the change with EasierChests compatibility. It's kind of annoying that I have no real way to add the special emcutils screen to EasierChests... I'll keep trying to figure out a solution.
  16. let me try this. i will ping u if have issues.
  17. screams into a pillow

    Why are so many things just randomly not wanting to work? So far I know that the chat buttons have started not working in production (but only when the build is from GitHub Actions???) and that sometimes the residence collector doesn't want to do its job? I am so frustrated right now...
  18. I'm curious about the voxelmap compatibility, because currently it's kind of screwing with my current voxelmap setup. Not that it matters that much as my voxelmap has been having a stroke since the beginning of November for some reason...
    Basically I want to know what EUM is trying to do with voxel
  19. With VoxelMap, emcutils:
    - sets the world name to have the world name plus the SMP (for example, smp2 - town)
    - changes the "teleport to location" button to use the /visit command
    - forces the radar and cave maps off
    The first one is likely to be the most problematic. I can set up a config option to disable this specific integration if you think it would be useful :)
  20. I think it would be useful to be able to turn #1 off. basically it's creating a bunch of worlds called smp8-null, smp7-null for me. Unless there's some way to link existing worlds to the mod or something