Empire Minecraft First Steps

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  1. How to play Empire Minecraft

    How do you play Empire Minecraft? Here are some tips.

    - After doing the tutorial don't make a shop immidiatly!
    Gear up and use go to the waste ( /waste ) try and gather some recources like coal, stone, wood and iron. After collecting those items walk back to the spawn of the waste and go home ( /home )
    When you get home start by building a small house!

    - Alright so you have a house now? Now you can start generating some money ( rupees )!
    You can sell the wood and stone that you have collected at shops ( /v +shop )
    Go to the 'building blocks'' section and search for the product you want to sell, right click on that sign to sell your item. Now you have some money! Check your money balance ( /rupees )

    - The problem is you have only made some small money , you want the big money!
    You can get the 'big' money by getting harder to get items, like Quartz at ( /waste nether ) or packed ice ( /waste )! You can also get money for selling diamonds, try get some of those!

    - So you have a double chest of one item? You can auction it at the forums!
    Go to the site of Empire Minecraft en go to Forums ---> Auctions and start a thread.


    Item: Doublechest of Stone
    Starting Bid: 1000
    Minimum Bid Increasement: 500
    Ends: 48 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: Resident 9185 - Smp 5

    People will bid on your auction! If someone wins you get the money in exchange for the items!
    Thats how u can easly make money on Empire Minecraft!

    Now you don't have to spam the chat asking for rupees! And you wont have to spam the chat asking for stuff! Now you can buy those yourself!
  2. Sounds pretty easy but it is pretty time consuming also :p
  3. cool! hope new players read this and stop frikin spamming asking how to get rupees =P

    PS i don't think 9185 is on SMP5 =D
  4. It was an example :p
    You got a like for the fact you put smp5 in there and i would like it again for the content :D
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  5. Thats why I made this!
    I practicly made this becouse of my rage!
  6. Nice post! /v +shop doesn't always work very well, though.
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  7. Nice advice :) I should keep this thread handy. Unfortunately the players who seem to ask repeatedly in chat how to make rupees are looking for a "get rich quick" method. Which doesn't really exist :p Everything requires effort and time, but that's kind of the point of playing, isn't it?
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  8. What's the point of building a house?

  9. I think the only issue with these threads is that the majority of new players do not go to the forums if they need help, and then they get frustrated and leave. If there is some link in the tutorial, that may be useful for future players.
  10. Ehh /v +shop is pretty useless lol.
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  11. I know about /v +shop but the problem is there aren't alot of realy good always stocked Malls :(
    And like alot of people said maybe we should suggest adding a button that gives the forum links in the tutorial! If it isnt already there ofcourse.
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