Empire Minecraft CRAFTA Awards - 2013

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    As the year draws to a close, we come to reflect on the year that was.

    We congratulated Maxarias and Aikar as they began their admin roles, the wastelands were re-created, we celebrated a 60,000 member mark, Endertopia 2.0 was announced, we celebrated our second birthday together, the Wiki was launched, our joining process was improved with a new Tutorial, we were centre stage at Minecon, we welcomed a new member to the Dev team and to finish off the year we closed a chapter with JustinGuy's departure, to begin a new one together!

    At the end of the month, on New Years Eve, a full highlights thread will be posted, including the winners of these awards and reminders of many other special events that went on throughout the year.

    The CRAFTA's

    Let's celebrate the New Year's, with some appreciation towards the community who made it all come together! As part of the CRAFTA's (Creative, Respected and Favourites Tribute Awards) everyone can vote for a player or event that contributed to the community throughout the year.

    How does it work and what can you win?

    Simply click this link which will take you to a form and you can vote for all your favourites!

    Why? You ask. Not only do you allow everyone to experience the best moments of the year, but you could also win a rare, custom named Voters Block as well as 10,000r just by voting for all awards!

    The winners of the awards will win custom named Books and Golden Apple Awards!

    The goal

    Let's celebrate the new year and reflect back on the year that was through many proud moments. At the end of the month, on New Years Eve, a full highlights thread will be posted, including the winners and many other special events that have been going on throughout the year. Next year you can expect another with even more goodies to win, and categories to vote for.

    • Most popular shop
    • Best shop organisation
    • Most original shop
    • Best (non-shop) building on EMC
    • Most stylish/prettiest building
    • Most expensive visual residence
    • Best community member
    • Happiest and most cheerful player
    • Most respected player
    • EMC quote of the year
    • Silliest ban reason
    • Most fun EMC event
    • Favourite wild outpost (past and present)
    • Cutest EMC couple
    • Best EMC-forum artwork or photo
    • Best EMC advertising or Let's Play video
    • Innovation award (best player idea)
    • Worst and most annoying EMC bug
    • Most game-changing EMC update
    • Longest vote streak
    • Player with the most likes
    Thanks to SoulPunisher for the awesome logo.
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  2. Sounds like fun :D
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  3. The end result hopefully will be fun to read, yeah :)
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  4. Good luck to everyone :D
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  5. Oh my gosh, I am nominated :D. I doubt i will win but that you, alex. It is an honor to be with the people on this list. I try to do everything i can in the community but to everyone out there, either death tomb or shavingfoam deserve it.

    EDIT: *whispers "i will give you the money for putting me in tomorrow"*
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  6. I noticed a mistake on most popular shop. It says 405- Todd_VInton
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  7. Woops, fixed, thanks.

    I also forgot to ask for names, so please re-vote to anyone that did so I can add you to the draw. Also remember that you must answer all of them to be in the running. :)
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  8. Gosh, i cannot find anything for silliest ban :p
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  9. It is a tough one - I'll make it an optional one haha. You can find a few at /graveyard though.
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  11. This sounds interesting...

    I just saw my outpost in the voting form... I feel, uh, special? :D
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  12. Highest voting streak, I like that:D
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  13. Fantastic community event Alex, thanks for planning it all out. :)
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  14. Can you remove my form please lol (phone sent it on accident when I was half way done, I'll send another when I get time)

    Nice job planning out all of this :)
  15. Yes, we live in the time where phones have their own will, and they will not even necessarely destroy our socal lifes on purpose.
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  16. Very well put together! Props to you Alex ;)! This is a nice little surprise to add onto my return. :)
    Yes you heard me. I'm back!
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  17. I clicked "Submit" before I was done. May I do mine again :oops:

    Also thanks for putting my outpost on the "Fave wild outpost" :) Means so much to me!
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  18. No redstone awards?
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  19. Submitted mine :)
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  20. For the 'event' portion, what qualifies as an EMC event?
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