Best player ban reason ever.

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  1. So recently, I was strolling around in the EMC graveyard on smp1, doing /p to players that were banned to see their reason, When I found this awesome ban reason:

    I/a few of my friends asked some moderators, and they didn't know...
    So, if you think you know, or you do know, I'd love to hear :D
  2. lol i thought i was sooo funny too
  3. I wonder who made that reason ?
  4. Unfortunately it looks like this player was banned before square was implemented, so we don't have any additional information on them. I would guess it may have been Dark_Liz or AusQB, EMC's former senior staff, or ICC/JustinGuy may also remember them. :)
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  5. I believe I remember doing this one. Haha. Back in the day, before we had the requirement to register on the website first, we would bump on PMC and get like 27835092 people in a matter of seconds. Most would come with spam bots because I guess they thought it was funny. Usually they were random words, so I responded with a ban of random words back at them.
  6. Dictionary of Numbers extension makes this even funnier.
  7. Sounds right.

    Every time we'd bump PMC, the entire population of Peru would attack us.
  8. Uhhh... I have nothing to say that has'nt already been said...
  9. But its already over..
  10. this thread was just too good
  11. Alas, no man can control that kind of power without in turn being controlled by it.
    In the end, ICC was left with no choice.
  12. Is that me at the bottom right : D?
  13. This is actually a screenshot I just happened to find while browsing imgur, so I wouldn't know.
  14. Has to be. Just look at the eyes, identical!
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  15. You are a beast at MS Paint.
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