Empire MineCast NewsCast: April Fools' Edition!

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft Community! This is the Empire MineCast here with your not-so-up-to-the-minute-news! We made this in honor of the Server-wide April Fools' joke that our lovely staff members pulled on all of us :) Enjoy!!

    *We planed on putting this up Tuesday afternoon, but YouTube was VERY uncooperative with us, so we didn't get it up until now... sorry about that*

    As a side note, we WILL be making another video on this based on what happened throughout the other servers this weekend. We chose to make this first video on our Residences because it was easier for us to make (it was 1:30 am and we were very tired :p )

    On another side note, please review our discussion on our monetization of our page HERE.
  2. This video was awesome, I laughed, I cried (well not really). Looking forward to seeing more from you two!
  3. hahah! this was awesome! =] i loved the way the news showed up in the beginning. oh, the best part. fus ro dah!

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  4. What a great idea. Well done!
  5. Love it, great job guys :)
  6. Very nice work! :D
  7. Pure genius! I can't wait for more!
  8. maybe we'll make you cry next time (the heartbreaking story of a creeper's unrequited love for Justin?)

    or not.
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  9. my res was on the news on smp3
  11. Fus Ro Dah **A wild chicken egg appeared** OMG RUN! ... LOL!

    Thats not quite the Skyrim Fus Ro Dah ey XD

    I love that kind of randomness in funny vids! Keep It Up Subbed/Rated/Liked xD
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  12. I can't access youtube
  13. Everyone knows Justin's secret love is for another mob.

  14. This is now officially a story in the next episode...
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  15. To the guy @1.03 ... i sell yellow flowers ;)
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  16. LOVE
  17. Woah Optimus Prime and Vincent Valentine play EMC? :eek:

    Haha this is awesome. Definitely subbing/rating. Can't wait to see more.
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  18. haha MUS-TARD lol keep up guys,
  19. Keep up the great work guys. I enjoy your videos. You have a good chemistry and sense of humor which makes me proud to be a member of this amazing server that much more. :)
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  20. Loved it! Great idea with the news video! Also, Justin is a transformer. First he was a Magical Fairy, now he is a Magical Chameleon! I wish I had Magic powers like that.
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