Empire MineCast: Look what IcecreamCow did!

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  1. This is a little video we put together showing the fun we were having helping IcecreamCow and a few other mods test the TNT limits on Utopia the other day :3 enjoy!
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  2. XD I cant stop laughing
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  3. Awesome. Too bad I missed this.
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  4. I swear...everything we did was for science...probably.
  5. For SCIENCE
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  6. I thought this server was run by adults. Lol
  7. NOPE! just chuck testa :|
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  8. Hey, now we know that players and testificates will not get in the way of TNT blasts and make it wildly change trajectory, that the puppy AI isn't good enough to prevent them from running off of cliffs, etc. I call that science. :)
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  9. Wait, is it even considered animal abuse if another animal is the culprit (in this case a cow made of frozen dairy products)? I think y'all beat the system lol
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  11. Hmmm... As I recall I wasn't in that hole at 8:02... Don't know what you guys were thinking. Although I'm glad that Jabr would jump in to find me.
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  12. That was a good laugh. :)
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  13. Maybe we should make this a regular Minecast thing. "What Icecreamcow did Thursdays!"
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  14. there wouldn't be enough time to do that... even if it was a daily episode :D
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  15. I think Akar needs TNT Anonymous too. On SMP7 he blasted his res while we all stood there and it became a giant hole with chickens inside. Was funny when he had to call someone to fix the street when he blasted it though :D

    Also, Did that sun have on sunglasses?
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  16. There was no cake :(
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  17. Maniac Sidekick... I like it.
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  18. Yes :) Jordan changed his sun because its just cooler that way :cool:
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  19. Credits need an annotation. xD

    Actualy = Actually
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