Empire is full (again)

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  1. Hello Empire,

    It has happened again. Over 1,500 residences have been claimed in Town and we have no open ones for new players. Additionally we have so many active members that the server is always full, so non-supporters have to try for hours (or even days) to get in.

    But have no fear, we have a plan of action to correct this! I am working day and night on some very exciting Empire updates that are once again to change the way you think of Minecraft multiplayer. These updates are going to allow for us to quickly add thousands of residences, double (or triple) max player limits, and truly turn the Empire into an empire.

    Our number one goal is to provide the Empire to as many players as possible.

    I am sorry if I am not around for the next few days, or I am slow answering email and messages, but I am going to close out the world and focus on programming these updates. I also apologize to any new players that can not claim a residence because none are open.

    I will post more details on the up and coming changes periodically. Thank you for your patience :)
  2. I don't want to give away anything to spoil the surprise...but what Justin is working on is going to blow you guys away.
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  3. That's worse than giving it away! D: I NEED TO KNOW NOW! :p
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  4. justin we need a dislike button :p

    not that i don't like the idea i just don't like the suspense
  5. Just go ahead and press "Like".

    I'll make sure it gets fixed later....


  6. Awesome cannot wait! Good work admins and mods, thanks for all your hard work! :)
  7. Ugghhh, This is why I hate christmas I have to wait to see what it is.Like now
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  8. Great, instead of working on updates to the server, Justin is building a Giant Fan?! Come on...
  9. I and my friend live in a good time zone where it is night for the rest of the USA it is only 5 here. :)
  10. Jeremy, if this does not blow my brain to mush ... you sir are in trouble.
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  11. That's what she said?
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  12. Well. I'm excited to see what could possibly be better than the current server, I've never enjoyed SMP as much as I have on Empire Minecraft, it's pretty unique in my opinion. I love the idea of residences!

    Edit: I'll be supporting you guys soon, probably the lowest as I have other things to spend my beautiful, awesomely exciting jingly cash on, but at-least I'll be supporting you, right?
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  13. Right
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  14. Yeah it would be awesome if I could get back onto this server, me and my friends haven't been able to play in ages. Started our own server in fact... lol.
  15. Don't worry guys, it'll be worth the wait. :D
  16. Whew I got a residence just in time! (2 days ago!);)
  17. How long till there are more plot's
  18. As long as I can get onto it evantually...
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  19. Heh... Same. I'm kind of going dormant due to my insane waiting periods.