Empire Interview #4 - Equinox_Boss

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  1. Welcome to Empire Weekly's #4 interview!
    If you want to be interviewed too, go here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-weekly-interviews-discussion-board.12094/

    Today, Equinox_Boss is with us to be interviewed:

    -Chas: Hello Equinox!
    -Equinox: Hello Chascarrillo. What will we do today? And Happy EMC anniversery!
    -Chas: Happy EMC anniversary! :) I'm going to ask you some questions; Can you define yourself with 3 adjectives?
    -Equinox: Loyal/trusted, kind, funny.
    -Chas: What languages do you speak?
    -Equinox: English and Italian.
    -Chas: In what country do you live in?
    -Equinox: USA.
    -Chas: Where do you live?
    -Equinox: Austin, Texas.
    -Chas: Where do you usually go in vacation?
    -Equinox: Italy.
    -Chas: What are your hobbies?
    -Equinox: Collecting bottle caps, pins, and keychains. Playing percussion.
    -Chas: What is your favourite color?
    -Equinox: Green.
    -Chas: Do you watch TV often?
    -Equinox: I dont have a TV
    -Chas: Are you a good student?
    -Equinox: Yes, exept in Math xP
    -Chas: Are you good at Maths? :p
    -Equinox: Not really...
    -Chas: Are you an impulsive person?
    -Equinox: Yes
    -Chas: Do you like sports?
    -Equinox: Soccer.
    -Chas: What is your favourite season of the year?
    -Equinox: Spring.
    -Chas: Why do you like being a supporter?
    -Equinox: The money and the /map hide.
    -Chas: Are you a member of the Last Light Outpost?
    -Equinox: No, but i am thinking about doing so.
    -Chas: What is the next big project you will start in EMC?
    -Equinox: A church.
    -Chas: Are you good at making Minecraft Skins?
    -Equinox: Yes, ive made my own.
    -Chas: What will be the first thing you'll do when 1.3 comes out?
    -Equinox: play ;)
    -Chas: Anything more that you would like to share with the community?
    -Equinox: I like turtles. ;)
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  2. Never noticed this! Lol! Great job!
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  3. Thanks :)
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