Empire Interview #2 - nfell2009

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  1. Welcome to Empire Weekly's #2 interview!
    If you want to be interviewed too, go here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-weekly-interviews-discussion-board.12094/

    Today, nfell2009 is with us to be interviewed: (I know that some questions are the same, but I couldn't think in more. I'll try to improve my interviewing skills for the next time.)

    -Chas: Hello nfell
    +nfell2009: Hi.
    -Chas: What's your name?
    +nfell2009: My name is Nicholas Fell.
    -Chas: Ok, so your name is Nicholas Fell, and you have...
    +nfell2009: I'm currently age 14.
    -Chas: How did you got your username?
    +nfell2009: I got my name I have a load of minecraft accounts this is my only premium one, I got the name from my school login :D
    -Chas: Where would you like to travel?
    +nfell2009: I dont really know :/ USA maybe? florida?? just the sun.
    -Chas: Could you please describe yourself with 2 adjectives?
    +nfell2009: Funny, smart person.
    -Chas: I'll ask you some EMC questions, and then MC related q's; Do you go more often in-game or forums?
    +nfell2009: Im often on both as much as i can.
    -Chas: Is the Nether too dangerous for you?
    +nfell2009: I dont mind the nether for netherrack, soul sand and lava but dont go to far unlike some people that live in the nether.
    -Chas: What would you do first if you had 1mil rupees?
    +nfell2009: Dont really know? starting buying loads or funding more projects.
    -Chas: Do you go in-game often?
    +nfell2009: I love going in game, just going round server to server not always EMC
    -Chas: ProStarter is a good idea. How did you come up to found it?
    +nfell2009: Well i saw another real life project starter so i thought that
    -Chas: Talk me about SmileCo.
    +nfell2009: Its a company wasnt do well so i asked them to join me they did in the end and now were starting them back up
    -Chas: Anything that you would like to share with the community?
    +nfell2009: ProStarter is teaming up with Stads Co.
    -Chas: What is your favourite minecraft food?
    +nfell2009: Melon, you can use it anywhere and its renewable.
    -Chas: Your favourite Minecraft item?
    +nfell2009: I mainly like diamonds :D
    -Chas: Do you have any crafting ideas that you would like to share?
    +nfell2009: Maybe craft using a block a letter in the crafting table then you get a little letter when the letter is placed makes a big letter :D
    -Chas: What is your favourite minecraft music video?
    +nfell2009: My fav minecraft video would have to be, Fallen Kingdom love the song.
    -Chas: And your favourite minecraft mob?
    +nfell2009: My fav mob? has got to be the pig its so cute :D
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