Empire Interview #1 - Bobthetomato9798

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What do you think about this interview?

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  1. Welcome to Empire Weekly's #1 interview!
    If you want to be interviewed too, go here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/empire-weekly-interviews-discussion-board.12094/

    Today, BobtheTomato9798 is with us to be interviewed:

    -Chas: Hello Bob :)
    +Bob: Hello!
    -Chas: Let's start talking about you.What's your name?
    +Bob: My name is Bob. (Like that is not obvious)
    -Chas:How old are you?
    +Bob: I am 9000 years old.
    -Chas: Define yourself.
    +Bob: A tomato.
    -Chas: How did you got your name?
    +Bob: Have you ever seen the show Veggie Tales? there is a characted named Bob the Tomato in the show.
    -Chas: What is your favourite food?
    +Bob: Tomatoes.
    -Chas: Where would you like to travel?
    +Bob: Candyland.
    -Chas: Do you have a pet?
    +Bob: I have a pet duck tomato.
    -Chas: I see you like memes. What is your favourite meme?
    +Bob: I really do not have a favourite meme, I like a lot of them.
    -Chas: If you were a tomato, what would you do first?
    +Bob: Who said I wasn't a tomato?
    -Chas: Some EMC related questions; What is your favourite residence?
    +Bob: My favourite res is mine :p or 9000
    -Chas: Do you frequent Wilderness, or you are a Town person?
    +Bob: Town :p
    -Chas: Why do you like being a supporter?
    +Bob: I like being a supporter to support the server.
    -Chas: What do you prefer: In-game experience, forums, or both?
    +Bob: I am gonna have to say I like both :p
    -Chas: What are your plans for the future?
    +Bob: I have 2 plans for the future and they are both secrets.
    -Chas: The last question: What do you want to tell to the EMC community?
    +Bob: That I like tomatoes :D
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  2. lol Good interview.
  3. I am going to go with, thank you.
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  4. well if that wasnt the stupidest thing ever i dint know what was
  5. Ok then Mr. Negative.
  6. I take it your a mad bro?
  7. Btw, nfell2009's interview is finished too; Kells18 and Mrlegitislegit, you're next!
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  8. intervue me!!!!!
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  9. Yoda.jpg
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  10. Yay!! mine is done :D
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  11. Whats the point of a "interview" containing 100% jibberish?
  12. So if your favorite food is a tomato and you are a tomato, wouldn't that make you a cannibalistic tomato?
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  13. Good point Batman.
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  14. That was hillarious! (-:
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  15. Im back!! everything is sorted
  16. that was funny :p
  17. What?