Empire Guide books in /tutorial

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  1. A month or 3 ago I remember the idea of books containing the Empire Guide being handed out for free after completing the /tutorial. I thought this was a fantastic idea, and credit to the person that suggested it - can't remember the thread.

    Maybe there could be a copy of the guide pop up in your inventory when a new member has completed the tutorial. If they lose it, they may complete it again and earn a new one.

    I think this could be a great thing if it's implemented.

    Opinions? :)
  2. Hey alex, Hey alex, Hey alex.

    I think this is a great idea
  3. Ikr.
  4. Ooh, I like :)
  5. Good sugesstion.
  6. Yes. But people might go "I HATE READING!!!!!!!!!!" and throw the book away (probably not, actually).
  7. Not really a biggy, it's their loss :)
  8. And ours too when they say, "How canz I claimz a res?!1?!!?11?!". (I'm uh, pretty bad at fail spelling...)
  9. Thats a great idea.
  10. True, but there's no way to completely stop that. Books add a whole new angle to it. :)
  11. I know, just pointing it out that the feature wouldn't be appreciated by all.
  12. Yeah but oh wells :)
  13. Would there be a possible way to not allow players to throw the book away? Say a place in the players inventory for the book to always be.. or at least have the ability to type /guide and it appears in your inventory.
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  14. If they throw the book away and ask questions I demand they go back in the tutorial and get it again.
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  15. Or like something like /guidebook
    would give you one automatically in your inventory. Good idea Alex, will probably be implenented after 1.3 on EMC
  16. Or justin could make it so that you have to find the correct page before you can proceed, with absolutely NO WAY of tossing it at the chickens.
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  17. Although I like this idea it could be taxing to change the tutorial system. It would be neat to have it so you had to answer the question by finding the right page in the book and using that answer to go through a door or something.
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  18. This should be added, right after leather armor.