Empire Guardians

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  1. Due to the latest forrest fire caused by jordehhh, I wanted to form this. We will stand to protect the servers. Application is stated below.....

    1. What are you good at?
    2. When will you be available?
    3. Are you willing to give up time for this?
    4. Do you have a shop? (And yes, this has something to do with this. You will see what I need with that.)
    5. Which server do you hang out on a lot?

    Thank you for your time. P.S. Does anyone know what server jordehhh lit the fires on?
  2. Oh and if you have a residence you have no use for we might have a use for it....
  3. 1. What are you good at?= i like to build things and repair greifed things, i am good at many things but i feel this is really all we need to gaurd empire minecraft.

    2. When will you be available?= i am online around 2 to 12 hours a day

    3. Are you willing to give up time for this?= yes, sometimes i come on the server for no reason, and i get bored :/

    4. Do you have a shop? (And yes, this has something to do with this. You will see what I need with that.)= all my shop sells is music disks and endstone, mob drops coming soon. so yes, i have a shop

    5. Which server do you hang out on a lot?= i hang out on smp2 alot.

    I also own "The Minecraft Council", so i could ask some of my members to help us repair the the wild and gaurd EMC.
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  4. Matthew12hydro, for future reference, when you wish to update a post please use the edit link below your post/signature... Instead of double posting. :D
  5. 1. Besides being awesome (that's obvious), I'm a great hunter, builder, enchanter, brewer, redstoner (great with redstone) and will take any challenge.
    2. Never certain, but almost every day for 1-3 hours. Maybe more on weekends and non-school days.
    3. Occasionally :p
    4. Of course. How else would I get 2,400 rupees?
    5. Totally SMP2. I go on the others occasionally as well, SMP1 for the OoO, SMP2 is my home, SMP3 is my brother's home, and SMP4 is untouched (mining time) and will soon be my friend's home.
    "I also own "The Minecraft Council"," how do u own a council tshack235?? aren't members created equal?
  7. i always mess up and say "own", its not a dictatorship, sorry guys. i meant I am the President/CEO of the Council.
  9. i was kidding about the dictatorship thing supermaster, we are a democracy and always will be
  10. K thanks twitch
  11. no we are not a dictatorship we just want to help EMC
  12. im in his council its very fun
  13. I know. I was kidding.
    I was talking about the Minecraft Council.
  14. ok u can hunt for us
  15. oh
  16. Ok you can be head of the guards. I might have another job for you soon...
  17. If you would like to talk about that please pm that person because I dont like it when people get off topic.
  18. Guys I just thought of something... We should make a base somewhere. Please give me some ideas where to build it because it would be cool to have a base for our group. Thanks. P.S. All people in the group- prepare to build a base on a moments notice even if your job is not builder. Thanks again.
  19. Anything specifically? I can get skeletons, creepers, and zombies at the OoO. I also know where the end is on SMP2 and 4, if we need ender pearls.
  20. Maybe you can hunt anything you want? I mean if thats ok with you.