Empire Graphics Team!

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  1. Soo as far as I'm aware there is no such thing as an empire graphics team and I for one love making stuff on photoshop almost as much as playing a minecraft.

    So yeh, just to prove I'm serious you can see some of my work on my Instagram! @sparkzyz

    Thanks for your time


    PS I know this is vague but my thinking is for advertisements and stuff!

    Please don't hammer me if you disagree with the idea!
  2. So you're suggesting an Empire Graphics Team?

    I'd say it isn't a bad suggestion, but AlexC, Krysyy and Jack usually do the official graphics, so I'm not sure if we really need a separate team for it :)
  3. *and Krysyy :p

    As for the suggestion, I think someone once messaged me this in a conversation a year or so ago. You'd have to be staff in order to have access to our files where we save the images for the site.
  4. Edited! :p
  5. I was thinking about suggesting this today, ninja