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  1. Closing Ceremony at 12 pm EMC TIME this Saturday!

    A few months ago, Ice_Lightning99 and xothis_dwarf came to me with an idea. Like all ideas made by members of the Empire, I listened and gave my opinion of what would and would not work with it. After some modification to the original plan, we introduced the Empire Games, a collection of events over a few months that would test the skills required in Minecraft.

    This Saturday, the Empire Games draws to a close and we celebrate the winners by giving them their medals in an elaborate ceremony. Come join us as we celebrate the fun that we have had over the last few months and the players that have proven their skill level far exceeds mine.

    The Closing Ceremony will be held on July 12, 2014 starting at 12 pm (noon) EMC TIME.
    Go to /v emcgames on smp8 to get there!

    **If you won an event and will be receiving a medal, please show up at 11:30 am EMC TIME.

    Winners in the order that they will be announced:
    Horse Racing
    Diamond Medal: Rexio456
    Gold Medal: Shrimped
    Iron Medal: Kev20022

    Foot Race
    Diamond Medal: OrigamiGJ
    Gold Medal: kevdudeman
    Iron Medal: cheesehead88

    Diamond Medal: Luckygreenbird
    Gold Medal: WCG_Elite
    Iron Medal: woblerbutsy102

    Diamond Medal: kevdudeman
    Gold Medal: Amphybious
    Iron Medal: adondrabkin

    Pig Racing
    Diamond Medal: PortalShoo2er
    Gold Medal: just_five_fun
    Iron Medal: kevdudeman

    Diamond Medal: pascal1881
    Gold Medal: epicmoooocow
    Iron Medal: ItsMeMatheus

    Mob Arena
    Diamond Medal: RunningRhino
    Gold Medal: Kyzoy
    Iron Medal: hashhog3000

    Boat Race
    Diamond Medal: kevdudeman
    Gold Medal: PortalShoo2er
    Iron Medal: captaincraft300

    Diamond Medal: theawzmone
    Gold Medal: kevdudeman
    Iron Medal: PortalShoo2er

    Diamond Medal: wipple5
    Gold Medal: Ehty202
    Iron Medal: Deadmaster98

    Diamond Medal: ItsMeMatheus
    Gold Medal: PortalShoo2er
    Iron Medal: BTHarrold98

    Come celebrate the servers and their amazing representatives!
  2. There will be an after-party!!!
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  3. Nice... Great job by all those who participated and won medals.
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  4. What is EMC time? :p
  5. I may be able to come to an hour of it. :) Thanks for the great games, krysyyjane9191! :D
  6. Do /time while in-game :p
  7. Congratz all medal winners!!
  8. Congrats just_five_fun you are my fav staff :3 I missed the OPENING ceremony, I will do whatever is possible to not miss this one ;)
  9. Congrats everyone who won :) I'm going to be there recording for the new promo video, so make sure you're there!
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  10. So this is in 40 minutes? :eek:
  11. Nope, tomorrow at 12:00 EMC time. 24 hours and 30 minutes
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  12. It's tomorrow. :p Aaaaaand ninja'd. XD
  13. :o
    But then I can come!
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  14. I wouldn't give that short of notice =P
  15. Yes, the vacation confuses me with what day it is :P
  16. I came here thinking that it was a race to the end or something fail :p
  17. What will happen to those who are no longer playing? For example, OrigamiGJ is banned and would not be able to receive his 1st place Medallion for the foot race? Not sure if there are any others in that kind of position, but just thought it should be noted :)
  18. Medals won by currently banned members will simply be destroyed.

    Players that are not banned, but are inactive will receive a forum notification and be able to pick up their medallions at a later time.
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