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  1. Old: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/game-hot-potato.36231/

    Do you remember the classic game of Hot Potato? Well, it's time to bring it back and hopefully it remains alive! The game consists of the community and a Hot Potato + Book & Quill.

    Here is how it works:
    1. You have a random chance to receive the Hot Potato w/ Book & Quill
    2. If you receive it, write your name in the book (Don't sign it) and mail both of the items to another random player.
    3. Try do not send it to somebody who has already had it recently.
    The game ends once all 50 pages have been filled. Hopefully this goes smoothly.

    Remember, if you get it:

    • Input your name into the book
      • Don't sign it
    • Mail the Potato + Book & Quill to somebody random
    • Feel free to post here!
    I have sent out the Hot Potato.
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  2. Proud to be the first person to receive the potato. :p
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  3. I will happily take it xP
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  4. Uh yeah... so I received the potato, but not the book... :( We're done for
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  5. Um. Can this only go to forum members? If we send a random player with a book that says hot potato, they will /dispose it. :p They won't know.
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  6. lol sounds fun :)
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  7. I remember this from a while back. :) Glad to see its return. Should be fun! :D
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  8. :confused: What if it goes cold and we lose it?
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  9. Thou shalt not eat thee baked potato... Must... Resist.

    Ill take it
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  10. I love this idea! Hopefully I will get it ^^
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  11. Well, I named the book and baked potato with some pretty clear instructions to sign your name and pass on both items.
    I guess my instructions weren't clear enough. ;-;
    I think it may already be lost. :(
  12. About this, the book lost it's name when I mailed it.
  13. Oh well. Hopefully they at least open the book.
  14. Can I get the tater? :D
  15. Well I mean, I received the potato from Rhythmically, so the book must not have mailed. In that case... Let's try again!
  16. This is really successful. :p I believe in you community!
  17. Hahaha, didn't go so well, did it? Should we try another time?
  18. You're nice and early to the party
  19. I wish to play :)
  20. It went wrong around a month ago ;p